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Willfully stolen from gaby723

First job: El Pollo Loco, starting as lobby worker and finishing as Crew Leader
First screen name: Rialtus, dating back to my *Prodigy days
First funeral: Grandma Sampson is the first I recall
First pet: dog Pal, and cat Sam that I recall
First piercing/tattoo: none
First credit card: VISA
First kiss: Tina in eight grade.
First one that mattered: Pyscho Bitch From Hell (PBFH)
First love: Candice
First enemy: Leslie Masterson
First big trip: With family, Pennsylvania & DC in 1986. On my own, to see the PBFH in 1993.
First favorite book: Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams
First concert: Weird Al Yankovich in ... 2000? 2001? (yes, that late in my life)
First musician you remember hearing in your house: Blondie

Last car ride: Earlier today from Metrolink station to house
Last kiss: Kissing Jen on the forehead when I left for work this morning
Last library book checked out: The Mailroom by David Rensin
Last movie watched: Uhm... The Commitments
Last beverage drank: Water
Last food consumed: A piece o' broccoli just now
Last phone call: A conference call to discuss the planning of SMS
Last time showered: This morning
Last CD played: The Blues Brothers: Original Soundtrack Recording
Last annoyance: The conference call mentioned above
Last soda drank: Coke at lunch. Very bad of me...
Last ice cream eaten: A chocolate port wine ice cream from Dr. Bob's
Last time scolded: Probably earlier today. I've got thick skin and often don't get affected by it. *smirk*
Last shirt worn: The red one I'm currently wearing
Last time you felt at peace: A week and a half ago, in Cambria
Last website visited: http://www.drbobsicecream.com, so I could get the link for the question above

Single or Taken: Taken, and often. (TMI?)
Sex: See above -- heh. Male
Birthday: 8/16
Sign: Yield
Siblings: Jeannelle, my older sister
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Hazel
Shoe-size: 10.5. You know what they say about men with big feet? Big shoes.
Height: 6'

Wearing: A red shirt (like you didn't know that), a white undershirt, a pair of black socks, a pair of black shoes, a pair of greenish/grey pants, and underwear. Their Hanes, and let's leave it at that.
Thinking about: Michael Jordan
Listening to: This #@$@# annoying conference call!!!!

Apart from that, there's not a whole heck of a bunch to share. Work is smegging me up royally. Not much going on besides that. *shrug* I'm boring.


Saw the most amazing thing while watching a blackjack table in Las Vegas last week. This was a two deck shoe, and newly shuffled. Five people were at the table. Each of the five players received an Ace as their first card. Before the dealer could deal his own card, he called the pit boss over. The pit boss looked at what happened and said that if the dealer card was an Ace, he'd declare a misdeal. The dealer card was a King. *whew*

So now we go to everyone's second card. Remember, all the players had Aces, right? Would you believe that all of the players received faces cards or tens, creating five blackjacks? Kid you not. The dealer and pit boss, as well as pretty much everyone at the table, are standing in awe. The dealer takes his second card, turns it… to reveal an Ace. The dealer hit blackjack as well.

The pit boss looked up to the "Eye in the Sky" and shrugged, something along the lines of "Eh? I don't know, but it was legit." After all this, everyone pushed and no money was moved.

I've explained this situation to the resident game show math person, David Hammett. He validated that the odds of this happening are 7,123,339,869,015 to 1 against. Here's how this was figured out - (8/104)*(7/103)*(6/102)*(5/101)*(4/100)*(16/99)*(15/98)*(14/97)*(13/96)*(12/95)*(11/94)*(3/93) Fascinating, no?

So of the people who answered my poll, the closest person to my number, and who happened to not go over, is mizcrank, who was only off by 864,975,132,170. Some, like msmcfeeley, might say that she's off a lot more than that, but I say nay nay...


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May. 19th, 2004 01:04 am (UTC)
hey now!
May. 19th, 2004 01:14 am (UTC)
...I said nay nay! You have to give me that! ;)
May. 19th, 2004 01:39 am (UTC)
Yay, David Hammett!

How is he? Haven't heard from him in ever such a long time. I hope he's happy and well. (I really hope you could get him onto LiveJournal, but that may be too much to hope for.) :-)
May. 19th, 2004 02:24 am (UTC)
Never underestimate the power of HRH QUEEN CRANK!
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