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Aw smurf it all to smeg....

So last night I, along with others, went to Caleb's abode to help him out on something. Got home at about midnight. Jen was asleep (duh!) It was just about this time that I realized that I haven't gotten to see this week's "The Mole". I mean, it's not horrible because I have it on TiVo, but... I don't know who was executed last night, and I talk with people that do watch the show. I just know that somehow, before this day is over, before I can get home to watch the ep, I'll know who is executed. Bleeech...

The boss comes up here today to have 1-on-1's. We get to do the "I really don't want you to leave the group but I'm not going to let you do what you were hired to do anyway" talk today. This, of course, is assuming he doesn't get lost coming to LA from San Diego. It still marvels me that someone who has lived in SoCal for a few years could end up in Barstow when travelling from SD to LA.