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Syndicated Radio Host Delilah Jumps to Premiere From Jones

Delilah, one of Jones Radio Networks' marquee radio personalities, is switching syndicators to Premiere Radio Networks, the radio programming division of Clear Channel, reports Katy Bachman. Her contract with Jones expires at the end of June.

A radio personality who broke the mold in evening radio (she runs from 7 p.m. to midnight), Delilah is carried on more than 200 radio stations and draws nearly 6 million listeners each week with her emotionally-charged mix of ballads, love songs and heart-felt discussions of relationships with her listeners. It's not unusual for Delilah to command shares of 20 and higher among her target audience of women 25-54.

"This is a program I have long sought to bring to Premiere," said Kraig Kitchin, president of Premiere, which last month signed Donald Trump to the network.

Although Delilah's show went national in 1996, it wasn't until 1997 when Edie Hilliard, former president of Broadcast Programming (now part of Jones Radio Networks), brought the show to BP to make it one of the most successful radio shows in syndication. Hilliard, who stayed at Jones after it took over BP, exited JRN a little over a year ago.

No doubt Premiere's access to Clear Channel's 1,200 radio stations had something to do with Delilah's decision. "The time has come to move on," said Delilah in announcing her deal with Premiere. "I'm confident we will soon be celebrating huge growth in No. 1-rated stations and in audience from shore to shore."

JRN will replace Delilah with a show hosted by Alan Kabel, a radio host who skews to a younger audience.

Delilah will continue to broadcast from her home base in Seattle.
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