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Eeps. I haven't updated publicly in a few days, so time to do so.

Update on the house: Finally heard from the claims adjuster yesterday. Seems the insurance covers sudden bursts, but not on going leaks. So my claim was denied. However, they are still going to pay for the leak detector that they made me get ($195) and maybe the plumber to perform the work ($164) since they found a second leak. Still have a gaping hole in the ceiling, which I will need to pay to get fixed. What a pisser....

Took my 94 Accord (Gussie, short for Augustina) into the dealer on Monday. The brake pedal seemed to be loose with the hydrolics. Well, come to find out that my brake pads were shot and the rotors frozen. I had no clue, since there was no grinding, no squealing, no nada. So that obviously needed to be fixed. But then they couldn't get the key out of the ignition. The frickin' ignition switch broke. Grr....... So now I've got this bill to pay too, and that's over $650.... grrr......

And there is a deposit due for the wedding. Another $600. Holy cripes... All I can say is thank gawd for savings accounts!

Went Monday night to David Hammett's abode for a shin-dig with Matt Ottinger. Matt is really such a nice guy. Saw a little bit of Lingo (euw...), as well as the 2000 CBS What's My Line? with Harry Anderson. Great set, but lousy host for giving out clues like that! And that Flashbask series ... Tsk tsk. Also saw about all I could stomach of Match Game 2 pilot with Charlene Tilton. The least said about this, the better. Couple of other trivial shows, and a spirited game of 25 Words or Less. In all, a good night.

Still working on my second 100 list. I'm up to 50 items now and struggling. jaydlewis, have I damned you recently for that challenge? Anyway. the list is part of the reason I haven't put anything here for a bit -- I'm using Semagic to do the list this time, and it's been hogging up the screen! Plus, I've been having fun posting into other's journals, including random journals along the way. And I think I've decided to drop my song title subjects, since that takes a little bit of time to figure out with no apparent benefit.

Okay, back to the ol' slave factory...