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Two entries in one day. Can you dig it?

Cool little toy -- DO NOT GIVE THEM A VALID EMAIL THOUGH! -- they "provide targeted adverstisements"...

Saddened by the loss of Chick Hearn. I might go over to the Staples Center on Friday just to see how mad it is.

I'm trying to be very conscious on what I'm eating. My goal is to drop down to 230 pounds by May 2003. That's about 30 pounds in *counting on fingers* 9 months. That should be very "do-able", at 3-4 pounds a month. I'm no longer eating lunch from the cafeteria at work, but rather bringing in something. I've got little healthy snackes that I eat throughout the day (grapes, plums, carrots, celery, and the like). Jen and I are really emphasizing eating at home as much as possible. I guess all the talk of "Jared" Venturini, Chris, and Mike have finally gotten to me. *raising glass of water to those mentioned*