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100 new things

This took my more time to do than my first 100, and before certain people (cough cough jaydlewis cough) suggest it, I'm done with 100 lists for a while. =) Anyway, the wait is over. The controversy can begin. Here it is....

100 More things about Carl that you might not have known

  1. I used to have a subscription to Playboy.

  2. I cancelled it.

  3. I didn’t have time to read the magazine.

  4. Yes, I actually read the articles. There is some very good fiction in there. Of course, then there are the articles. =)

  5. After announcing "That Which Has No Name (Yet)", I have done very little work on it.

  6. I drive manual transmission vehicles.

  7. Every car that I have owned has been a Honda. (83 Civic Hatchback, 94 Accord LX, 01 Civic EX)

  8. I feel a pang of guilt every time I walk by one of the homeless people that are around downtown LA.

  9. I grew a beard during Christmas time 1996.

  10. I was terribly ill at the time.

  11. I enjoy watching Alton Brown’s Good Eats and Emeril Live on Food TV.

  12. I’m not opposed to Trading Spaces (second season, please) on TLC.

  13. Trading Spaces designer that I’d most like to work with -- Frank Bielec

  14. Trading Spaces designer that I’d least like to work with -- Doug Wilson

  15. To quote MJ, "They're Hanes. Let's just leave it at that."

  16. I met Jen through her ex-husband, with whom I used to work at El Pollo Loco.

  17. I detest cell phones, though do see their usefulness during emergencies.

  18. I started growing a mustache a few days before my 18th birthday.

  19. That was pretty much my only act of rebellion against my parents.

  20. I've only been carded once in my life.

  21. When I was younger, I used the name Lit'l Devil for ... well, let's just say I had reasons for that name.

  22. I started wearing eyeglasses when I was in second grade.

  23. I can write upside down and mirror image.

  24. My ideal sleeping temperature is 40 some degrees, with lots of blankets.

  25. I HATE my middle name.

  26. I like my middle initial. Go fig!

  27. My dad wanted to name me C R Knecht, because he thought it would sound important. (Notice the lack of periods on that name, btw...)

  28. I was named after my great-uncle Carl Klump.

  29. I never received a report card with straight A's.

  30. I did get three A's and an A- one quarter in college.

  31. I have an autographed copy of Cliff Stoll's The Cuckoo's Egg.

  32. As a kid, I used to listen to Casey Kasem's Top 40 on the radio and write down the entire list.

  33. I have no idea how to play the card games bridge, euchre, or hearts.

  34. Recently, my dad was mistaken for my brother. (Twice in one day!)

  35. People somehow think that I look like Richard Karn.

  36. It is for that reason alone that I'm not wanting to see next season's Family Feud.

  37. I have an outline of a girl's foot in my senior year high school yearbook.

  38. I was president of our Math/Science Club in 9th grade.

  39. The next president was Wilson Echaverria, who went on to change his name to Wilson Cruz and act in ABC's My So-Called Life.

  40. I sleep on the right side of the bed, if you are looking at it from the foot of the bed.

  41. The first and only game console that I have personally owned is a PlayStation.

  42. I bought that late last year, after the PS2 came out.

  43. I have a Hollywood Stock Exchange account that had laid dormant for about 18 months.

  44. I posted a Yahoo! personal once.

  45. My game show tape library has two tapes -- mine, and my first boss at SoCalGas's appearence on Russian Roulette.

  46. I've never purchased ice cream from an ice cream truck. (Thanks, Chris Dickson!)

  47. I have finally let my two biggest spam-catcher email addresses die -- rialtus @ yahoo & hotmail. *sob*

  48. I hate liars.

  49. I took four AP tests in high school.

  50. I received a 3 on each one of them.

  51. While I have used ICQ in the past, I can't stand it now.

  52. I've never hunted in my life.

  53. A majority of my managers have been female.

  54. I have a Koosh ball at work, which makes an excellent projectile when someone makes a stoopid comment.

  55. I also have a Nerf Missle Gun, courtesy of Dave Inglehart, for the exact same purpose.

  56. I don't know Visual Basic, but would like to learn.

  57. I so totally suck at playing pool!

  58. Margarita wine coolers -- hmmmm.....

  59. I have been in an "adult club" (Deja Vu) once in my life.

  60. A group of friends and I were buying explicit party decorations for a newly-wedded couple.

  61. One half of that couple is now my fiancee.

  62. I brush my teeth at least two times a day.

  63. I try to remember to floss once a night.

  64. I used to run OS/2 Warp 3 at home from 1994 to 1995.

  65. The first piece of shareware that I purchased was Edit Plus (GREAT text editor, btw...)

  66. I have never bought cigarettes, even for someone else.

  67. I believe the first CD that I bought was An Innocent Man by Billy Joel, though I could be wrong.

  68. I've never bought a single, either on 45, cassette, or CD.

  69. I own one disco-ish CD -- I've Got the Music in Me by Thelma Houston and the Pressure Cooker from Sheffield Labs.

  70. The first movie that I went to go see on my own was License to Drive.

  71. I hate driving into Los Angeles, mainly because of the traffic and the cost to park in downtown.

  72. When in eighth grade, my lunch usually consisted of 1 granola bar.

  73. I still have the archives of the Borg Club/Joketime clubs from Prodigy on a diskette.

  74. The first television show that I saw taped was The Single Guy with Jonathan Silverman.

  75. Since then, I have seen a segment of The Tonight Show being taped at Barnes & Noble, Pictionary, Hollywood Squares, Match Game 98, Wheel of Fortune, Greed, and two pilots of $25,000 Pyramid (both in 1997 and 1998).

  76. Fasten, then zip.

  77. I have no idea what type of blood (A, B, AB, O) I have.

  78. I do have my organ donor card filled out.

  79. I have two credit cards -- Discover and Visa.

  80. I have a library card to the Los Angeles Public Library, but not to the library where I live (Upland).

  81. I tried out to be a contestant on Jeopardy! for a teen week.

  82. Own one concert DVD -- Bond - Live at the Royal Albert Hall.

  83. A smattering of popular shows that I didn't like: The A-Team, Survivor, Seinfeld, Star Trek: Voyager

  84. I can roll my tongue.

  85. I can not flare my nostrils.

  86. (checking to see if Jen is reading this...) Yes, I snore.

  87. One of the most irritating things that I have done is to have my own snoring wake me up.

  88. I am not ticklish unless I'm caught by total surprise or I'm very tired.

  89. I own stock outside of my retirement plan in my employer's company, but only because I got it as a bonus in 1996.

  90. My parents bought savings bonds for me starting when I was born, which I have not cashed out (yet). (Hhmm... they 're starting to reach end of life this month...)

  91. I have accounts at two different credit unions.

  92. I have never had an account at a bank.

  93. I still have a copy of Microsoft Windows 3.10 on 5 1/4" floppies.

  94. I was frightened to turn 13, because then I'd be a *shudder* teen.

  95. My age now no longer bothers me. I'll be 30 this month.

  96. For the most part, I don't remember my dreams.

  97. While I like science fiction, I can not stand fantasy.

  98. I am not an artistic person, though I can appreciate those that are.

  99. I have attempted to read Tom Clancy novels, but struggled too much and gave up.

  100. I have sprained my ankle both going up and down curbs before.

Whew! Okay, I'm very glad that monkey is off my back now! As always, you have the option to pass or play. And for those people who are reading this and don't have a LJ account (cough Dave Robin Greg Ginger cough), comments are especially welcomed from you.


( 12 comments — Leave a comment )
Aug. 9th, 2002 03:36 pm (UTC)
~My ex has had a subscription for almost 8 years. I love reading the magazine. People generally freak when I tell them that.

33. I have no idea how to play the card games bridge, euchre, or hearts
~Everyone and their mother has tried to teach me euchre, but I just can't grasp the concept. I don't know how to play bridge either. I do however, know how to play hearts. Do you know how to play spades? If so, hearts is pretty much the opposite, you don't want any high cards.

62. I brush my teeth at least two times a day.
~Me too!

84. I can roll my tongue.
~I can't.

85.I can not flare my nostrils.
~I can!

87. One of the most irritating things that I have done is to have my own snoring wake me up.
~LOL! That happens to my mom all the time.

Aug. 9th, 2002 03:49 pm (UTC)
Games people play?
(sarcasm) You read Playboy? You must be a lesbian! (/sarcasm) Playboy always had some excellent science fiction, as well as good opinion articles and regular fiction. They often would have book excerpts from well respected authors like Authur C. Clarke. It was great....

Hearts / spades.... er, no. Don't know how to play either game, though I think my dad does.
*shrug* Maybe one of these days.
Aug. 9th, 2002 03:56 pm (UTC)
No, Not Just for the Articles (Who Am I Kidding?)
I subscribed to Playboy for a year or two, before making a clean break of it and giving my entire collection (which probably numbered around 80 to 100 issues) to my fraternity. I've bought the occasional copy since then (don't tell Karen, although I don't think she'd care).

Actually, when we moved to Chicago, Playboy was one of the first places I considered working, and was encouraged in that direction by St. Martin's Press' subsidiary rights director, who noted all the people there had always been great to her (one of her jobs was to sell rights to reprint portions of a book to magazines), and it was apparently a great place to work, since everybody stayed forever. That aside, Karen noted it would not be a good idea for her to teach at a Catholic university in theology and have her husband overseeing production on Playboy.
Aug. 9th, 2002 06:32 pm (UTC)
Re: No, Not Just for the Articles (Who Am I Kidding?)
I've never quite understood the significance here.

Having never purchased a copy of Playboy, what is the difference between it and other - not to put too fine a point on it - porn magazines? Is the art a touch softer and a touch classier as well as the magazine making more concessions to general interest reading matter than most in the genre?
Aug. 10th, 2002 10:10 am (UTC)
Re: No, Not Just for the Articles (Who Am I Kidding?)
Virtually all American men's magazines that show nudity, except Playboy, show simulated masturbation or full insertion. Playboy doesn't. They have gotten a tad more risqué over the years, but are nowhere near crossing that line.

As for the articles, virtually all of the rest run very few articles, and most are either sex-related or have "letters" pages. The exceptions are Playboy and Penthouse, although I'm fairly skeptical of the latter's brand of journalism.
Aug. 10th, 2002 10:26 am (UTC)
Re: No, Not Just for the Articles (Who Am I Kidding?)
Thanks. That's a far better answer than the original question probably deserved.
Aug. 10th, 2002 02:47 am (UTC)
Deja Vu...eh?
You didn't happen to see any of the three ugly ones, did you? Not that I've ever been there... *whistles*

Anyway, a VERY interesting list...but you don't have a card to the UPL? Well, I don't blame you...they were very unkind to me when I visited there. Maybe we should play pool sometime, if there is even a pool hall around here.

My friend and I were looking to get in a game, but our two favorite places both took out their billiard tables. Any good places you know of? =P
Aug. 12th, 2002 09:08 am (UTC)
Re: Deja Vu...eh?
Well, you've at least looked at the marquee of the eyesore. =)

A friend of mine plays pool quite often in the local area (Chino, Montclair, etc.), but to be honest I don't know where exactly he shoots. I'll bug him this week and find out.
Aug. 10th, 2002 02:46 pm (UTC)
Only 2nd season 'Trading Spaces' ?
But didn't you just love how Alex MacLeod...


...let me get back to you.

She was a worthless little person, wasn't she? (Yet she always knew to thrust her hip to one side when the camera was on.)
Aug. 12th, 2002 09:13 am (UTC)
Paige Davis rules...
...Alex McCloud drools. She always seems so ... phony to me. That and many of the first season designers were attitudes and/or tacky. The editing of the show seemed to change every three episodes, and it just ... well, sucked!

Since the new production company (Banyan) took over, they've been going a great job. Paige is fun, the new designers are great (though I don't agree with everything), and the whole show seems fun again. I'm actually looking forward to the third season of the show.
Aug. 16th, 2002 12:09 pm (UTC)
Hmmmm.....now I'll just have to see what I can get out this information....hmmmm.

Tee hee,

Aug. 16th, 2002 12:13 pm (UTC)
Re: Opportunities
Robin, you're a goof. =)
( 12 comments — Leave a comment )