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And the hits just keep on comin'.....

Got Jen's laptop back last night. They replaced, of all things, the hard drive for a problem where the machine wouldn't even go to BIOS. Told the guy at Best Buy that I'd probably be back within a week. Went back today because, once again, the machine wouldn't boot. Guy couldn't get the problem to reproduce, so he wouldn't accept it for repair. He was just followng their process, but sheesch! So I took the laptop home, and it happened right off the bat. Didn't turn off the computer and took it in. Since he saw what was going on, he accepted it. *duh* So now Jen will be out her laptop for yet another month. I'll be bugging Compaq for a proration of my warranty...

Also, the dishwasher broke. It's got no water going to it for whatever weird reason. So on top of the hole in my ceiling, and the wedding deposit, and the work done on my car, I've got another charge that I'll need to pay. The shit has pretty much hit the fan around here, as this month has about $2,500 unexpected expenses. Again, thank god for savings accounts and credit cards.

I so didn't want to cook dinner tonight (plus I have a headache), and Jen didn't either (also a headache), so we went to In-N-Out to splurge and get some comfort food. I'll be paying for that for a while, even though I had the Double-Double protein style.

And, since I'm such a lemming...

ABOUT YOU: (without the obvious questions)

1: What size are you? Shirt: extra large; pants: 40 waist, 32 length; shoes: 10 1/2
2: What's the furthest place you've been from home: Washington DC
3: Who is your best friend: Jen
4: What do you treasure most: Piece and quiet
5: Greatest achievement: Stopping someone from committing suicide.
6: Favorite smell: Fresh Chocolate
7: Favorite Wine: A Pink Chardoney

8: Cynical: Very
9: Sarcastic: Not in the least
10: Friendly: I'd like to think so
11: Moody: Sometimes
12: Romantic: I've heard no, and I tend to believe it...
13: Tolerant: Of many things, but rarely stupidity or rudeness

12: Do you ever dance to music: No
13: What is the worst song you've ever heard: Mr. Tamborine Man by William Shatner
14: What kind of music has the tendencies to get stuck in your brain: Things with a catchy tune or beat.
15: What song do you think describe your personality best: "I Want it all" by Queen
16: Do you play an instrument: No way am I coordinated enough
17: What's your best concert experience: Weird Al, since that's my only concert experience

18: Do you have a partner/who: Yes, and that would be Jen
19: Are you a virgin: If you read my first 100 list, you'd know the answer is no.
20: Do you want to get married: I will be married May 6, 2003
21: When do you want kids: Never.
22: What do you want most from a relationship: Someone to care about me
23: Do you like romance: Yes, but I'm not very good at it, I'm afraid.
24: Are you sexually adventurous: Little too personal for here, I'm afraid.
25: Do you like to watch: Videos, I have. Real life, I think I'd be damned nervous and uncomfortable.

26: Do carols too far away from Christmas annoy you: Generally, yes. There is a radio station in San Diego (My 94.1) who is doing a Christmas in August by playing X-Mas once an hour. It bugged...
27: Favorite Holiday and Why: Christmas, because Jen has the time off too
28: What holiday do you think has still managed to obtain its original meaning: New Year's Eve

30: Chocolate or vanilla: Chocolate
31: Croutons or bacon bits: Used to be croutons, but now neither
32: Coffee or Tea: Neither. I'd rather have water.
33: Pepsi or Coke: Coke
34: Tom Cruise or Brad Pitt: Refering to acting, Tom Cruise
35: TV or Stereo: TV

36: happiest memory: May 6, 1999 -- committing to Jen.
37: saddest memory: Waking up in the morning to find out that my sister was kicked out of the house.
38: Most embarrassing memory: Getting a black eye by running into a filing cabinet
39: Scariest memory: Hearing my mother talk to the police when my sister hadn't shown up one night.

40: Where were you born: San Bernardino, CA
41: Worst medical accident: Appendicitis
42: First time you ever went on a plane: Age 14 -- Family trip to Washington, DC.
43: Did you ever wet your pants at school: No.
44: What was your worst fear as a child: Being grounded. (damn I was innocent!)
45: Did you ever suck your thumb: I'm sure as a baby I must have, but I don't recall it then or as a child.
46: Have you ever been convicted of a crime: No.
47: What's the wackiest thing you did as a child: Sixth grade -- Hid in a classroom when everyone was going to recess. Let the whole class in before recess was over. Teacher had no clue what was going on...
48: What's the meanest thing anyone has ever said to you: I hate you.

49: How long do you think you'll live?: Until I die.
50: Do you think you'll have the same friends as now?: On the whole, probably not. I've noticed that most of my friends have really changed over time and maturity.
51: Do you want to be famous?: To a certain degree, yes.
52: Do you think you'll have the same personality when your 60?: To a certain degree, yes.

Okay, I need to go off and be comforted and comforting.