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This post is a little rude.  I'm posting to share information, but haven't taken the time to read my friends list, nor will I get a chance to.  Sorry -- realities of my life right now.  This post was written over the course of a few days...

1.  Refinancing.  Last week, I checked my credit union's rates for a 15 year refi.  It was 5.375% with no points.  Considering we're currently paying 6.125% for a 20 year loan, it was worth it in my mind to call them up.  Since we always save more than the actual payment, we'd only have to pay about $50 a month more than what we are saving now…  But I wanted to talk to my wife about this before doing it, so I didn't pull the trigger Thursday.  We talked, and she gave the go-ahead.

I forgot to call on Friday.  =(

Today, I looked again at the rates, and *gasp*!  The 15 year rate is now 5.125%!  It went DOWN .25%!  WHOOPEEEE! Today, I didn't forget to call -- we're going to refi the last 19 years of our 20 year 6.125% loan to a new 15 year loan at 5.125%.  If we don't make any additional house payments on this loan, we'll have the house by the end of 2019.  When we bought the house, the mortgage was to be paid off in 2031. 

/me is a very happy camper right now.

/me needs to find another tax shelter fairly soon...

2.  Work.  Sucks.  Working on W2K SP4 deployment, which has VP visability.  Ramping up on XP SP2 testing and deployment, which will have VP visability shortly.  Trying to upgrade our desktop anti-virus infrastructure, since the vendor radically changed their new product.  That won't have high visability immediately, unless we can get it going soon and *we* bring on the publicity.  I'm hoping to do just that.  In my spare time, we are planning on revamping at least one group, if not two or three, and changing the whole way we manage our desktops.  Fairly trivial, I'm sure you'll agree...

3.  TPiR Live!  I'm taking the time off to go to Harrah's Rincon Casino in San Diego to see The Price is Right Live! this weekend.  I was hoping that we'd have a host like others have seen -- perhaps Marc Summers or Todd Netwon.  Aparently, we get Chris Harrison of Bachelor and Designer's Challenge fame.  I'm sure it will still be a good time.  Unfortunately, from what I've heard of the locals, the Rincon is not that great of a casino so I'm not anticipating much else while there.  However, they did just open a poker room, so maybe...

4.  Poker.  I've finally found a group of people who meet monthly to play poker.  It's mainly dealer's choice, which is okay.  I'd prefer to stick to one game and not play these funky games like "Heaven and Hell" and "Follow the Queen", but poker's poker.  The first game was a couple of weeks ago, which was a welcome stress relief.  I started strong, busting one guy out.  They tried even going down to five card stud, and then dealt me two pair (4's and 7's).  Ended up the night even, mainly because I intentionally stayed in hands I had no business being in in order to be invited back next time. =)  Another group of friends is occasionally playing poker, but I haven't been there yet.

5.  Game shows.  I truly dislike Balderdash.  It reeks of small budget, the host tries *way* too hard, and the comedians are just hideous.  The first couple of rounds are tragically flawed by offering a 2/3 chance of wininng, and then giving contestants more points for no apparent reason anyway!  At least Liar's Club had an object that the person at home could physically relate to, had a panel that was interesting, and knew how to control scoring of the game.  Makes me glad I'm ineligible for this show... 

On the Cover was a bit too... boring ... for me when it first came out a bit ago.  I'm not really willing to give it another try.  I'm really liking Mark Wahlberg as a host, but sometimes he gets the gigs that just aren't going to last long.  This is yet another game I'm ineligible for. 

Studio 7, to me, is interesting.  This mix of Weakest Link, The Challengers, and The Real World is an interesting break in the summer doldrums.  Sadly, the numbers are flat for this and I'm not anticipating anything more than the 8 episodes they get this go-around. 

6.  Diet.  There's no way in Hades that I'm going to be 200 pounds by December 31.  I'm too busy to exercise, or too tired by the time I get to exercising.  I haven't been eating properly for about two months again, and the fat is starting to pile up on me again.  Just once I'd like to know what it feels like to reasonably fit.  I guess there is alway next year.

7.  XM Radio.  I have a friend who bought an XM Radio, and when we go to San Diego for work, we listen to it.  It's truly a nice system. Since I am driving to SD a lot more often now, and my primary work location is all by vacant now, a little additional noise might not be so bad of an idea.  Best Buy has a sale on the hardware right now, but I haven't seen if I can get it cheaper elsewhere.  There's also a $30 rebate with purchase of any two kits, which I will need...

Work beckons.  Continue being good people, because I will come back and check up on y'all shortly!
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