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The guy that hosts my web site has been so nice as to blow it away. If you'll recall, I made it with FrontPage 2000 just to get something up there, then rarely updated it. He has blown away the Win2000 Server w/IIS and put in something called postnuke content management system on some Unix/Linux box. Sounds impressive, but I have no idea what that means. So for a while, the site will be down. Of course, no one checked the site as it had no updates, so no harm no foul. A relaunch will happen sometime ... later. Hey, I might even get a few pictures up there yet! =)

I'm also debating on getting a web site just for That Which Has No Name (Yet). There is a certain ... word ... that was created a few years ago that has no site dedicated to it. And while this word has nothing to do with TWHNN(Y), life would sure be easier to refer to the project by the word and not the initials. Initially, I will probably point the domain to a new LiveJournal account, of all things. I can get stuph down and get a limited group involvement that way I think. *shrug* More on this later as well.

Okay, back to fighting the corporate battles...