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Weakly post

I'm getting burned out at work -- again. I am currently in the lead position for the Desktop Architecture Team, which is a position that rotates once a year. I hopefully will start the transition to someone else in February and be able to get back to my *real* work, which we desparately need in order to get done what we want to do. We can't seem to get management to budge on some things, even though the benefits would be great. We have a very strained relationship with our oursource vendor, mainly due to past experiences, bad communication or everyone's part, and the company's percieved lack of techincal expertise on the outsourcer's part. (Most of the later being deserved, mind you.)

Thing is that all of this is starting to affect me as a person. I really don't feel happy anymore. This whole weekend, I've been working on something for work - setting up for a presentation in early November. I was going to do this during the week, but Friday I got a note that we would suddenly be having a dry run on Tuesday, and need to have EVERYTHING completed by then. So much for my weekend, and my next week's planning. Whlie not a major thing in and of it self, combine this with the 3,141 other things just like it that happen on a regular week, and well, sometimes you just stand there -- hip-deep in pie.

On the up side, I bought Jen a new laptop. She's always complained about her other one being too heavy at 9 pounds. Dude, she's getting a Dell. Was able to save $750 on it due to static_zombie's awesomeness. It will be here int he next week, and I'll have to load it up. That will include a copy of Trend Micro's PC-cillin Internet Security, which I received free from a conference I attended this week.

Apart from that, I got nothing. I need to finish laundry, fingure out dinners for this week, and go to the market. Jen is out and about, as she was yesterday as well, so I pretty much got to bachelor this weekend. *sigh* There were days when I would be so full of vigor to do things, and now I'm stuck at home, doing work.

BTW, is there anyone out there that is really REALLY good with SQL? If so, I have a question. Drop me a comment...