Rialtus (rialtus) wrote,

Sunday, Sunday...

Two free issues of Playboy are available, for those that are interested in that kind of thing. (Is it a sin to post this on the Sabbath? Ha!) Also, don't forget that today is the day to buy your Chipotle burrito in order to get a free one Tuesday.

Spent most of yesterday doing errands and cleaning the house. I decided that I've had enough of some things, so I'm starting from the very top and working my way down, one room at a time. Yesterday was the master bathroom upstairs, and I frankly didn't finish all of it that I wanted to. Guess that's what today is for, along with the master bedroom upstairs.

While cleaning said bathroom, I noticed a big ol' hole in the wall. It's right behind the light bar and up top, which is why I never noticed it before. To fix it, I'll have to take the light bar down, patch, mud, paint, and put the lights back up. Oh thrilling joy.

Found out yesterday that one of my neighbors is having enough marital problems that he is moving out for a while. That really makes me sad, since he's a really nice guy, and I hate when people have issues like that. Hopefully this is just for a little bit and they can work things out, especially for the children's sake.

Hopefully all those that needed to remembered to adjust their clocks. If you didn't, prepare to be an hour off all day until you do. =)
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