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"Sweeting the Pot" Revision 4

Carl R. Knecht [I] will pay Greg Geary [You] $20 of American currency on October 1, 2002 if, from the time this is agreed to until 11:59 pm Pacific Daylight Time, September 30, 2002 [Time Period], I imbibe any Starbucks brand Frappuccino of any variety (which includes, but is not limited to Coffee, Creme, or Tazo) from any source (which includes, but is not limited to directly from Starbucks or in bottled form from a reseller.) [Item]. The payment to you shall take place at a time no later than three days after the occurance of consumption.

If I do not consume any of the Item during the Time Period, You shall pay Carl R. Knecht $5 of American currency no later than 12:01 pm Pacific Daylight Time, October 4, 2002.

This agreement supercedes any previous agreements regarding the Item. This agreement shall be administered under the laws of the state of California. This agreement shall be witnessed via email by Robin Alexander and Dave Inglehart. This agreement will also be posted, upon agreement by You, to the LiveJournal of Carl R. Knecht, currently located at http://rialtus.livejournal.com, for preservation and hilarity.


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Aug. 21st, 2002 01:46 pm (UTC)
Betting ends!
Will there be any side action available on this proposition?
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