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Various little things...

Wow. Take a Pentium 4 2.8 GHz. Overclock it with a little liquid Nitrogen and BLAM -- you got a 3.917 GHz machine. Pretty cool (cold, actually, with the LN2) (link)

This girl should go and quickly buy a lottery ticket.

Privacy experts are now debating this item which will be interesting.

Microsoft has released a vulnerability patch which prevents an errant ActiveX control from blowing away certificates on the client machines. With no certificates, there is no secure web browsing. My prediction -- there will be a major virus/worm within 1 year (if not six months) that will exploit this.

Good news: Got my new driver's license yesterday. Thankfully, I have no scanner, so I can't torture y'all with a picture. =)
Bad news: My boss is up here in LA today, so I have to be on a better behaviour than normal. =(