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Aug. 30th, 2002

Friday Five is all about clothing, which so doesn't interest me, so I'm not posting one. You may not like it, but then again, you don't have to dress me. =)

Kinda a weird day at work today. There are less people around because so many took today off for a long weekend. Those that are still here are really serious about working, so I'm getting asked to help in a lot of different areas. I guess that's what keeps the day moving.

Woke up late again this morning, and only caught my normal train because it was four minutes late itself. *whew* It weirds me out sometimes when I think of how my body works. Sometimes, that alarm clock goes off and I struggle to stay awake and get functioning in the morning. Sometimes, especially when waking up late, my body just GOES like there's no tomorrow. I mean, I know it's becasue of adrenaline, etc. but the weird thing is that the "rush" never just stops but rather tapers off to normalicy. *shurg* I find it weird, at least.

I have to weigh myself again tonight, and I'm not feeling that great about it. It's not that I've really been doing bad things this week or last, but I just don't fell like I've made any difference. Felt the same last week and I had lost 4 pounds. For those keeping track at home, as of last week, that makes 16 pounds in three weeks.

Going to go this weekend to see My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I just keep hearing really good things about this movie, and it keeps getting bigger so... lemming that I am, Jen and I are going.