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This will make perfect sense to exactly one of you - Meet Olaf

Congrats to gaby723 on her job! (okay, that one is a day or two late)

Congrats again to driley1 for his Employee of the Month!

lambertman, at least you don't owe your soul to the company store.

Non-breaking news: zarchasmpgmr is still alive.

BTW, thanks to the generous support of y'all as well as people at my work, I'm going to be paying out $290 so far in matching donations for the MS Walk. A special thanks to jiggery_pokery for spreading the word of this to his journal as well. If you missed it the first time, there's still time to donate.

Oh, friends of jumbach, don't forget his request for 1 pm Pacific today!



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Mar. 26th, 2005 02:56 am (UTC)
Olaf was happy to see how many instant messages I got today.

Now, here's hoping Olaf gets even happier come MondaY!!!!!!
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