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Oh what a night...

Went to bed dead tired last night. Woke up at 12:08 am this morning to a magnitude 4.6 earthquake. Eh.... that's life in SoCal. Turned over and went to sleep. Woke up again at 4:30 am by Jen's alarm clock, which was probably 4:20 am. (Yeah, we play the psychological game of setting the alarm clock ahead...) Funny thing is that it was set for 7:30 am. Jen thought it was awfully dark for 7:30 in the morning... Aparently, in the middle of the night the cat had stepped on the time advance button while walking on the table between the bed and the couch. Feh.... turned over and snoozed until my alarm clock went off at it's proper time of 5:30 am (which is probably 5:15 am real time).