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When we got the DirecTiVo in January, I didn't bother moving all of my components around. I just had the cable box and TiVo ripped out, and put the new DirecTiVo in, using the same connections. That meant the thing has routing audio in stereo and video to the TV via coax, which was doing a passthrough to the reciever, which was then simulating surround sound -- and doing it poorly, I might add. I also have a DVD player, routing audio via digital optical to a receiver, and the video via S-Video to the TV. The VCR was on a composite connection to the TV and not interacting with the DirecTiVo at all. Hooked up to the VCR were my PlayStation 1 and GameCube, both through component.

Today, I got a stick up my ... well, I was motivated to change things so we can actually get decent quality from the DirecTiVo.

What a pain in the ... let's just say the stick created pain.

It's finally done, but was a lot more difficult because of the older parts. The TV has one S-Video In connection, one coax In connection, and two component In connections, and one component Out (audio only). I've now got the DirecTiVo with S-Video to the TV, and digital optical to the receiver, and getting true surround sound. The DVD player still has the digital optical audio connection to the receiver, as well as a component video to the receiver. The VCR has component connection to the receiver. The receiver in turn has video component to the TV. All components to the VCR remain.

I really wanted the VCR and DVD to have separate video components to the TV, but the frasking TV either has an issue with Video 1 or doesn't support multiple component connections while something is plugged into S-Video. Irritating. Because of all this, my DVD player has a lesser video quality, but the day-to-day TV watching has gotten better.

Now, I have to translate all of this to my Harmony remote so Jen doesn't wig out.



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May. 30th, 2005 02:19 am (UTC)
One of the few constants in life
Repatching = pain.
May. 31st, 2005 01:19 pm (UTC)
I won't even begin to describe the jumble of cables in our living room where we have the DVR, TiFaux (Dish), VCR and of course sat box.

Or the computer room, with 4 computers, plus the MP3 player data and recharging assessories.
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