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Gettin' geeky with it

Most of you know that I am absolutely nuts about a short lived show on ABC called Sports Night. Well, folks, this sucker is coming out on DVD November 5. Not just part of it, but the whole frickin' two season series. Whoooot!

So this is going to end up being a good TV DVD season for me:

  • Sports Night (entire series)

  • Babylon 5 (Season 1)

  • 24 (Season One)

  • ST: TNG (Seasons 3 - 7)

And a weird thing is happening with B5. There were a series of books published by Dell that were B5 themed, but not really part of the show. Most, frankly, sucked. Then the publishing rights for B5 went to Del Rey, and some pretty amazing books came out there, all dealing with aspects of the series that weren't shown. There was a Psi-Corp trilogy, where the first book didn't even mention characters from B5 at all and is an amazing read. There was a Centauri trilogy, discussing the rise of Londo to emporer... and his fall. There was a Technomage trilogy, which was really kind neat. That last trilogy was written by Jeanne Cavelos, who had written a B5 book for Dell back in the days that actually rocked. (link) Now, Del Rey is going to publish that same book as a prequel to the Technomage trilogy, which really works well. (link) I'm just really amazed that the two companies would allow this and were able to work this out. Yeah, there's no new content, but that series is better as four parts, IMHO.

Okay, enough geeking out for today. No Friday Five, because I don't feel like a lemming today.
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