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Without Chevy Chase....

As you may or may not have surmised, I generally do not get net-connected on the weekends. There is just too much to do right now to play around on the computer. So, generally, the weekend updates for me happen on Monday. Feel free to tuck that away for future reference.

Since this is a Dicksonesque (read: longish) posting of this weekend's events, I shall put them in a cut. --->
Did the weigh-in on Friday night after coming home from a party. Another two pounds off this week, bringing my total to 18 pounds in five weeks. I think my body is starting to finally catch up to my new eating lifestyle, and expect the weight to come off slower now. I should still have no problem of hitting my goal of 230 by May 2003, since I'm now 242.

I'm been having a modicum of success with my Hollywood Stock Exchange account of late. As of my last refresh, I was up H$13,597.80, or .70% for the day. I have one movie with a 293% profit so far (JB20), and a few stinkers (AVSP, lost 14% or H$5,000). Did really well with this Signs and Bourne Identity Blockbuster Warrants, which is the first time I played with options at all. Doubled the money in Signs Put, and with 5,000 shares there.... =) My net worth is up to H$2.6 million, with a lifetime to date improvement of 30.59%. Now if only I could play the real stock market like this....

How many of you have heard your parents tell you to go play on the freeway? Well, this weekend, Jen and I did. Matter of fact, I got to sit in the middle of the car pool lane looking at on-coming traffic. It was rather cool, actually. Now, truth be told here.... the freeway has not, in fact, been opened yet. The 210 extension through La Verne and Claremont will be opening up in October, but they had a Tour de Freeway Saturday, complete with a 5k walk on the freeway. The east bound lanes were used for that purpose. The west bound lanes were used for bicycles and scooters to toot along back and forth on the freeway. A festival was there, and the place was packed! The paper had an article that they were only expecting aobut 1,000 people for the festival, and 500 people to go onto the freeway. There actually was 4,000 people on the freeway, and 10,000 in the festival. wow...

My dad finished putting up the lights in the garage. I know I haven't metioned that here yet, but my dad ... ahem... found ... quite a few commercial grade fluorescent lights and decided that I needed then in my garage. It's been a little while for him to get to putting them up. He had silly things like retiring to take care of. But the unistrut went up two weeks ago, the lights were mounted on the unistrut last week, and this weekend saw everything being wired in. It looks MARVELOUS! In the middle of the night, I can go out to the grarage and do work with plenty of light. It's turly a beautiful thing.

Went to Jen's parents last night for dinner. Played Rummikub, where I was doing so good until... I had a round where I could meld. 117 points against me. Up until that point, I had been winning the game by going out every time, and this was the fourth round. Oh well... Jen's mom won, followed by Jen's dad, mainly because Jen's first round she was not able to put down meld either.

On Friday, I think I was finally able to convince my boss that implementing MS Project Server is not the right move for us right now. We really need to work on getting our processes in shape before going to this product, and not use this product as a mechanism to get out processes in shape. The latter there is a guaranteed failure, which people have seen over and over again. I'm sad because this was my first formal project that I have been working on, but ultimately I'm very happy because the decision to go with Project Server right now is just a bad one.

There... now, wasn't that just so extra special? =) Might put another post today about why I might not be here tomorrow, and the happy events scheduled for Wednesday. (No, your sarcasm detectors aren't failing -- I have happy events happening Wednesday). Stay tuned...


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Sep. 9th, 2002 01:26 pm (UTC)
Wasn't long enough. ;-)

Seriously, interesting stuff. What was the festival like?

I'm not very familiar with HSX, but I always think of that sort of thing being similar to RogueMarket. Not sure which came first, but I certainly heard about RogueMarket way before HSX. The guy who ran RM was an atgs occasional a few years ago... nice guy, too!
Sep. 9th, 2002 02:05 pm (UTC)
Can't seem to find RogueMarket, so I can't compare between the two.

I wsa going to go on a diatribe about what HSX is, but found out they already have a site, and do it much better. (link)

The festival was probably a poor choice of words, but it was their word, so I don't feel hardly as bad about it. Basically, they had a stage with a classic rock cover band, bales of hay, and lots of vendors selling everything from hot dogs and funnel cake to life insurance (yes, really). All of this, of course, was set up on the freeway, which is still a rather bizarre thing to think about to me....
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 10th, 2002 04:17 pm (UTC)
Yeah, pretty much. I do believe that I was stuck in a traffic jam on the 101 once that sucked so much, it was easier to get out of the car and talk to Randy, who was in the car ahead of me.

They are planning to shut down the Pasadena Freeway (110 for those that walk by numbers) in June 2003 to do the same thing. I think I heard that it's to bring awareness to the oldest freeway in SoCal, and how bad it sucks. We'll probably take part in that too...
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