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As promised

So tomorrow, Tuesday, my director is hosting one of those "let's all get together and have fun with others in our group and gee won't this be nice?" touchy feely things. While the place we are going to is cool, I don't want to have to share time with these people then I have work to do! But this is one of those things where, if I didn't go, I'd be labeled as "not a team player" and will not be able to get work done. Gawd I hate office politics... So tomorrow I will likely not have any updates lest they are late in the day.

Wednesday, Jen is going to come into LA with me and go out to lunch. Coolness! She is slightly nervous, it being that day and all, but in the same respect, she doesn't want to be home trying to find something to do or watch on TV. And being couped up at work with me for a little bit forces her to grade some of the papers that she has been putting off. So it's all good. =)

I'm frankly very irritated at Tracy for screwing up my website and forcing me to use this NukePHP mess. He has said that he'd show me how to use it, but frankly I don't think it's going to do what I want it to. I really just want my old web site back... *sob* Since my domain expires in March, I think I'm going to shift it to somewhere else for a web presence, as email will be handled via MailShell. Suggestions, of course, are welcomed since practically everyone else has a site. (Okay, subtle hint it's not -- I need a good web provider!)
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