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Dusty, don't read this.

I'm quite pissed at Best Buy and Compaq right now. If you don't want to read this, it will definitely not offend me at all. Dusty, I'd recommend you just staying away from this entirely. =)

Best Buy is full of morons. I sent Jen's laptop into repair via Best Buy in mid-July because the motherboard was shorting out intermittently. It came back from Compaq on 8/14, stating that they replaced the hard drive. Uh... told the tech that I'd be back shortly when it broke. The next day, I tried to reload the software, and gee, the darned thing didn't work. I don't blame Best Buy for this -- I blame Compaq.

So I go back to Best Buy, and get the same dude I saw the previous day. He was trying to recreate the problem -- couldn't. Told me that he couldn't accept the laptop for repair until he saw the problem. WTF? It's an intermittent problem! That's what the frickin' first case even said. He wouldn't budge at all. Jerk. I went home in a very irate mood, tried to turn on the laptop. Wouldn't work. Did not turn it off but drove back to BB. Dragged the dude back from his break to see the problem. Suddenly, he's more than willing to accept it for repair. Stoopid policy. This was on 8/15. The form I got said that the estimated completion date was 9/7.

Flash forward to 9/16. Haven't heard squat from BB. Called the local store. Waited on hold for about 15 minutes before getting very iritated. Used a cell phone to call again, without going into queue. Was told that the computer repair department's phones weren't ringing, so I must have dequeued. Hung up my 16 minute call and tried again, this time using the operator to transfer me to the computer repair department. After seven minutes, she came back on to ask who I was waiting to be transferred to. Uh, computer repair still. Four minutes later, and she came on line again. At this point, I was fuming. I wanted a manager. Talked to the Asst. Mgr. on duty. Took my info, called me back within minutes and told me that it was supposed to be back on 9/7. Duh... At this point, their service center was closed, but he'd make sure that he'd follow up and call me the next day.

The next day came and almost went. 9/17 now, and I call again at 6 pm. Speak directly to the manager, and he said that he just heard from the service center that afternoon finally. The laptop is at Compaq, and there's no estimated time for repair. WTF?!?! I asked if there was a way to contact Compaq. He said there are like 50 Compaq service centers, and he didn't know which it was at. Gave me the number for the BB center, who could tell me which Compaq center my laptop is in. Oh, but you'll have to call tomorrow, because they are closed. Grr.... BTW, thanks for calling me back, ya ijiot...

So today, 9/18, I call the BB Service Center. The chick with an attitude on the phone said that it's at Compaq and there is no ETR. Duh, tell me something I didn't know. She stupidly did. They received it on 8/19, assigned it to a tech on 8/27, and sent it to Compaq on 9/6. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT? You guys had this for three weeks without doing any thing when the only thing you needed to do is send it to Compaq?!?!? "Well, we are backlogged, and this is what happens when we have a backlog." Uhm, no. This is what happens when I get pissed at stupid people. *thump* Right up until then, I was perfectly fine to blame Compaq for all the delays. Now, BB is on my list too.

So I call the "corporate office" (which is probably just a call center) to register a complaint. Spoke to a very pleasant woman who listened to my tale of woe. She offered to contact Compaq right now, if I'd hold. Oh you betcha I'll hold. About 10 minutes later, she came back on line. Said that they've escalated within Compaq, and they are supposed to call her back by EOB today. Mind you, she is in Central Time Zone. She also was candid enough to say that they might not call back in time. So she grabbed my real phone number (I register everything to an alternate # -- no phone spam!) and my address to send out a $50 gift card. Yeah, nice, placate the customer, but more importantly where the fuck is my laptop?!?!?!

So help me if this thing comes back and all they've done is replace the hard drive again... Compaq will be offering me a new laptop at that point, and I will NOT be paying anything for it.


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Sep. 18th, 2002 09:04 pm (UTC)
Ouch. (subtitle: Ha Ha, I'm A Rebel, I Read It Anyway)
:-\ Sorry for all the trouble you've had. I'd be highly pissed if that happened to me. Working as both a customer service counter person and as a computer salesperson (both of which have heavy contact with the techs) I can tell you this is not the norm for in-store service techs. I'm glad you called Consumer Relations and that they were able to help you out. Luckily, fairly soon about 75-80% of PC repairs will be able to be done by in-store techs, so your computer may not have to get shipped out to the service center. Out of curiosity, where was the service center that you called?

If you do happen to go back to BBY, and you get an invitation to take the survey at the register, take it -- that's one of the major ways stores are assessed is through their customers' viewpoint.
Sep. 19th, 2002 10:14 am (UTC)
Re: Ouch. (subtitle: Ha Ha, I'm A Rebel, I Read It Anyway)
You're a rebel and you'll never ever be any good. (Nah, I don't buy that either...)

The problem is, of course, this computer was still under Compaq warranty. I went through BB because of the PSP (read: I didn't want to do anything to void that.) Should have dealt to Compaq directly...

The Service Center, btw, was Ontario, California. The Customer Relations was somewhere in the Central Time Zone.

There will be an addendum later today as a new journal item, which shows that Compaq is not as moronic as I thought. But I truly will be writing a letter into Best Buy corporate offices about this whole ordeal (which is another reason I wrote this down -- to start the letter). But good tip on the in-store surveys.
Sep. 19th, 2002 10:42 am (UTC)
Re: Ouch. (subtitle: Ha Ha, I'm A Rebel, I Read It Anyway)
That's understandable. Customer Relations is at BBY Headquarters in Minnesota, so that'd explain the central time zone.

I encourage you writing a letter -- the only way that we get better is if we know what's wrong, and there's a lot of things wrong here...
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