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Jun. 21st, 2002

The euphoria of not having to deal with my current manager has worn off now. The rose colored glasses are off, and I'm still in quite the chipper mood. Go figure.

BTW, congrats to Greg and Mike for going back to school. It's something that I would like to do just for fun, but we've got to save the money for landscaping the house and sending Jen to get her Masters. Plus, with the commute to and from LA every day, getting time to go to class and to study is tough.

And what a way to welcome summer! The Germans are pissed, but elated. They won, but are pissed because they thought the game would be a blowout of the US. The American public is upset that the team lost but elated that they no longer have to feign interest in soccer. And it's drizzling in LA on the first day of summer.