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Mental leakages

Came back from Vegas yesterday. I hit a jackpot! Woo-hoo! I had sat down next to Jen, who was busy feeding a one-armed bandit. I shruged, put a $5 into the quarter Double Diamond machine next to her, and on the fourth spin got Double Diamond / Double Diamond / Double Diamond. Cue noise and lights. Cue me getting 1,600 credit jackpot. Yup, $400. Weeee!

Also went to Television City within MGM, and watched an episode of How I Met Your Mother. As it was, they were doing special focus groups later that day about that show, which both Jen and I qualified for. That was an extra $50 cash. Each. Vegas was very very good to us.

I found it interesting how a lot of people are talking about that show, but few are talking aobut Out of Practice. Myself included, since it's still on TiVo whereas the pilot of Mother has been watched.

Oh, one last Vegas related item - there's a Password video slot. No, I didn't play it.

Happy birthday to the person on my friends list that I've known the longest -- jelly_doughnut.

How many people reading this know how to play bridge? It's a little funny how this game is considered an "old people's" game, and I wonder how many people will actively be plaiying it in 40 years. Will poker be our generation's bridge? Something to ponder. Oh, and ditto that with canasta.

I laugh at how many people at my work want to get around policies just because they don't like them. They have no technical basis to dispute the policy, and don't understand why they get laughed at when they try to argue their dislike.

Prison Break has me intrigued still, though I half way want something to go horribly wrong. Ditto Lost.

I think I'm going to start calling people poozer. (And a grand total of two of you probably understood where that came from.)
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