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Comic book geekery ahead

I've recently (read: since about December) been catching up and reading comics from within DC Universe. I'll put a different post out here later about that, but for now, I want to talk ...

Okay, hello! Obviously, this has been a long time coming. Like 20 years. Like more than that, really. But the last year of buildup in Villians United, OMAC, Day of Vengence, and Rann/Thanagar, along with JLA and Identity Crisis. But I sure didn't see that last page coming. Supes for Earth 2, Superboy from Earth Prime (and a bit older than we saw him), Supes-2's Lois Lane, and Alexander Luthor from ... was that Earth-3? Everyone is scared of "them." *shudder* This will have profound implications on the DCU for as long as it's remembered.

Questions I have...
- So was it Superman-2 that went to the Watchtower and made it go boom at the end of JLA 119?
- How is it that, with the Wizard Shazam dead, Billy Preston was able to say Shazam and turn into Captain Marvel?
- Was that pre-Crisis Pyscho Pirate down in the sewer?
- Since Pariah is showing up, exactly how many people are gonna die?
- Who is the "she" that can still be saved?
- Will the stick up Batman's butt please finally be removed?
- Are they seriously thinking about bringing back the multiverse?
- What the heck is gonna happen next?!?!?!