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It's a bag of ...

Spent most of the morning hashing through a WSUS problem which pretty much kicked my butt all over the floor. If you are machosistic enough to see what was going on, you can look at this link.

I am a bit masocistic sometimes. In dealing with the machine mentioned in the link above, I hit the Help Desk with the current computer name, IP address, physical locatoin, MAC, serial number, user name, and model type. Oh, and sent the message to the clueless user who caused the problem in the first place. There's basically no way that anyone can weasel out of this to say "We couldn't find the machine." When in doubt, overload 'em with information!


A friend of mine at work asked me the other day if I read comics. This came pretty much out of the blue, because I really don't talk comics while at work. Well, we talked a bit about Infinite Crisis, and how it related to older series and the big maxi of Crisis on Infinite Earths. He told me about a series called The Authority, which he happened to have the first four volumes of trade paperbacks with him. I'm currently borrowing them, and enjoying them so far. I devoured Volume 1, and this weekend should quickly see Volume 2 fall. After all of these, I'll probably hit Squardon Supreme next. That seems only appropriate since I've been reading jms's Supreme Power in a vaccuum of never knowing about Squardon Supreme before.


I missed out on woot's Bag of Crap. Dangit.


This morning, I must have woken up to my alarm clock enough to put on my glasses and turn it off, but not enough to get my lard butt out of bed. And Jen was fighting a headache last night, so she forgot to set her alarm clock. Net result: I woke up about 25 minutes late, rushed through my morning routine, and still got to work on time. *whew*


Tomorrow is company day at Knott's Berry Farm, and thus the big red box on their schedule. Yup, our company paid to have the entire park to ourselves for the whole day -- 10 am to 1 am. Nice. The bad part is that Jen and I also have a party that night, so we'll probably get to Knott's early and leave early. Still, nice.
Tags: comics, work, wsus
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