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Sep. 27th, 2002

It's well past time for me to pick on the French again. Now, I know what you all out there are saying. "Carl, since when have you ever picked on the French?" Well, I haven't, so it's well past time that I start, don'tcha think? And think about it -- they deserve it, right? I mean, I could rag on them for liking Jerry Lewis, eating snails, and smelling really bad, but everyone's tromped all over those grounds. It seems... trite. No, I want to pick on the French for something they've done recently... something news worthy... something with an international tone to it.

And then, it hit me, like a 3 foot 10 inch load of bricks. (link)

Of course! The French have gone an legislated themselves too far this time. I mean, doesn't the UN have more things to do with their time, like stopping war and fighting poverty? (I'll let the irony of stopping war and fighting something else wash off here.) No, aparently the French think this is a much more thing to get resolved. So what's next? Will salad tossing be illegal? How about tossing one's cookies? Will the British cult hit Red Dwarf be internationally panned now, and thus gain more interest? One thing is for sure though -- Verne Troyer can now walk the streets of Paris, free of any lingering thoughts that someone will throw him around...