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Semi-political rant

The amoralistic side of me says that Bush released the news that 30,000 Iraqis have been killed today because he knew the news would be trumped by whatever Arnold decided with Tookie Williams, turning today instantly into a "Take out the trash day"

From The West Wing:
Donna: What's "Take Out the Trash Day"?
Josh: Friday.
Donna: I mean what is it?
Josh: Any stories we have to give the press that we're not wild about we give all in a lump on Friday.
Donna: Why do you do it in a lump?
Josh: Instead of one at a time?
Donna: I'd think you'd want to spread them out.
Josh: They've got X column inches to fill, right? They're gonna fill them no matter what.
Donna: Yes.
Josh: So if we give them one story, that story's X column inches.
Donna: And if we give them 5 stories...
Josh: They're a fifth the size.
Donna: Why do you do it on Friday?
Josh: Because no one reads the paper on Saturday.
Donna: You guys are real populists, aren't you?