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Yesterday was release day

So yesterday, I went to my local comic shop to pick up my weekly pull list, and I ended up walking out with some $30 less than I walked in with.


However, I did get a boatload of books. Infinite Crisis #3 (both covers), Flash #229, Green Lantern #6, Green Lantern Recharge #3, JSA Classified #6, Justice #3, Book of Lost Souls #3, and a reprint of Marvel Knights Spiderman #20, which my LCS didn't have when it first appeared. I also picked up Wizard #172 because it's the 2006 preview issue and has a lot of Superman movie info. I should have also gotten Supreme Power: Hyperion #4, but my LCS didn't get it in. :(

On the upside, come March, a lot of my titles are gone. No more Infinite Crisis, Flash, JLA, Wonder Woman... both of the Supreme Power titles end and Squardon Supreme starts... On the downside, JLA will resume in June, and 52 starts in May, Ion will be starting a new series, as will Shadowpact, Checkmate, Blue Beetle, and Secret Six... Flash may come back...

It's a good thing that a) my wife is patient, and b) my wife reads these as well.