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A rare weekend journal update

Today, I made serious inroads on killing another Macintosh. Jen's dad had given her an old Mac Performa many moons ago when he bought an iMac. Jen barely touched it, except to track finances and grades. Both of those functions are now on other, more up to date computers in the house. So we went through the whole bamned thing and ditched personal data. Next stop -- her dad's Mac Club charity auction, providing me with a tax credit. =)

BTW, if you ever have to do file conversions -- Mac to PC, PC to Mac, ClarisWorks to Word, etc -- there is a great program called Conversions Plus that works wonders. Recommended only if you are going to do a lot of this, because it costs like $70...

Congratulations, you're Washington, DC., the capitol of the United States.
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And, because they had one at the same site...

Congratulations, you're Michael Garibaldi, former head of security for Babylon 5.
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For those that don't want pictures, I'm Washington D.C. and Michael Garabaldi. Odd mixture for these days -- a security person in a city that has a sniper on the loose. =(