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Book reviews

1) The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown - ISBN 0385504209 - 454 pages - 3 stars

Like everyone else recently, I borrowed this book from a friend, who gushed all over themselves on how excellent this book was. Even my wife swore this was a great book -- so much so that she read it while having pink eye.

I just don't see it.

Sure, it was an okay story. But the author put very little into character development. The chapters were, on a whole, very short. I suppose that was to ratchet up the suspense value, but I found it annoying. The characters knew things very conveniently and figured out items at just the right time. It was just so ... forced. It defintely wasn't worth the hype that has circled this book, and I still don't know why my wife went through the pain of reading this with pink eye!

2. Deny Thy Father - ISBN 0743464095 - 368 pages - 2 stars

Yeah, well, it was a Star Trek book. It wasn't as good as some of the more recent books, but I've read much worse. This one tells the story of Will and Kyle Riker from the days long before ST:TNG started. It really seemed more to be two mini stories that are somewhat intertwined. *shrug* It was mindless reading that kept me awake while on the train.

Pages: 368

YTD Pages: 822