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My ramblings on "The CW"

Reference: http://money.cnn.com/2006/01/24/news/companies/cbs_warner/index.htm?cnn=yes

UPN and The WB merging aka "And then there were five"

- What a stupid name. I assume it came from CBS and Warner Bros., but it will be interesting what they make it "stand" for, if anything.
- In the LA market, Tribune owned KTLA, currently a WB affliate, will be a CW station as will other Tribune owned WB affliates like WGN9 Chicago (note: not WGN Superstation, which is different)
- KCOP, LA's News Corp. owned UPN affliate, is persumably not being made a CW affliate. And it won't turn into a Fox O&O - we already have one. They'll have to rebrand themselves, since they are currently branded as "UPN 13".
- Hmm... perhaps KCOP won't be News Corp owned for long. Wonder if Disney is interested in running a second channel in LA again? They owned KCAL for many years prior to buying ABC and having to divest itself of KCAL due to FCC rules and regs at the time.
- It's expected that WWE will make the transition from UPN to CW, as weill "America's Next Top Model" and "Veronica Mars", assuming the shows survive the season. *ducks from pettitte96*
- It's expected that "Smallville" and "Gilmore Girls" will transition from WB to CW.
- The network will have a 6-night primetime lineup, borrowed from WB. It will also have the two-hours weekday afternoon blocks, a Sunday afternoon block, and a big 5-hour Saturday morning animation block (love them WB cartoons!).
- I can only assume that the weekday/Sunday block will also be aninmation, but I guess we'll see.
- Network control of this is going to be a nightmare, with both companies trying to get their in house programming on screen.
- Will this really mean less crud on TV? I doubt it.
- Who profits? Who profits? Who profits?
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