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Pyramid ROCKED!

Jen and I went today to see Pyramid taped live and in person. I won' t bore you with the hassles about getting there, so instead I'll fast forward a bit.

General notes first:

  • The seating in the main game is now slightly different. The right side still has the setup of contestant on the left, celeb on the right. However, the left side is just the opposite -- the celeb is now on the left and the contestant is on the right. Apparently, this is to allow for the celebs to face each other and talk more naturally.

  • They no longer display what the category is about on the screen when Donny reads it.

  • There are a few more plasma flat screens that are dragged out onto the set for intro/exit shots.

Donny waltzes out to the center of the set to talk about our special guest, whom walks out from behind the Winner's Circle pyramid -- Dick Clark! Yes, that Dick Clark! The first match is Dick Clark versus Coolio. And the show is doing a Dick Clark Challenge. The celeb that goes to the Winner's Circle gets $5,000 donated to their charity. This includes if Mr. Bandstand himself goes to the Winner's Circle. Without spoiling anything, I will simply say that it was totally awesome seeing Dick Clark as a contestant!

"Day two" gives us Dick Clark versus a new celebrity -- Karri Turner from JAG. I truthfully have never seen JAG, so I knew nothing of Ms. Turner before this. I'll just say I'm impressed. She and Dick Clark are both fantasic players, I tell you. There was an incident that occurred that required a long stop-down, as well as a pick-up. *shrug* This stuff happens, and I'm glad that they got it right. And again they did the Dick Clark Challenge -- a total of $10,000 given to charities.

"Day three" lets us still have Dick Clark, but with yet another new celebrity opponent -- Betty White. *tee hee* After all these years, she's still a game player. Betty did make a few errors that were not game related -- the most glaring of which was calling Pyramid Password. =)

An unfortunate thing occurred that resulted in a long ruling question. Since this won't air, I'll write it here. Dick Clark is giving clues in the main game. The word is POLICE MAN. The contestant says POLICE OFFICER. No ding. Dick says something like "Not an officer, but a police...." The contest does get it, causing a tie. HOWEVER... we stop tape because the rules for the new Pyramid are different that the older versions. The giver can not say any part of the word even if the receiver has already said that word. This would invalidate the point given and, therefore Betty's team would win and go to the Winner's Circle. However, and this is my supposition, I think Dick Clark disputed the point to the nth degree. Eventually (and by that I mean after about 20-30 minutes), the producers decided that a new category should be substituted and played. That is what you will see air in a seamless manner because of the multiple pick-ups. Fascinating to be there for, but boy I wish we, the audience, could have been doing something... anything... while this was going on!

To say that there was some really amazing game play for these three shows is an understatement. And to have the whole thing wrapped up with a meal at C&O Trattoria, the offical LA GSC dinner spot, was an extra added bonus!


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Oct. 15th, 2002 10:28 pm (UTC)
Gee... it sounds as if Dick Clark was channelling Tony Randall.

What irony! (hee hee)
Oct. 16th, 2002 06:25 am (UTC)
Extremely cool!
Did you get to meet any of the principals at all? Any amazing in-joke-y lines? Did Dick Clark tell Donny what he was doing wrong in hosting at all? ;-)
Oct. 16th, 2002 08:56 am (UTC)
Re: Extremely cool!
There was some gufawing at the beginning of each show about Dick perhaps hosting the show, being more comfortable at the hosts podium, etc. And there was a bit in the third show with Betty White that I hope makes it to air, but telling would be spoiling. =)
Oct. 16th, 2002 09:19 am (UTC)
Maybe on Friday they could pull a Password Plus-like stunt and let Dick Clark host while Osmond plays.
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