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Could've been so beautiful....

[EDIT: Was previously private]
Doing another Friends Only post to respond to Jamie's comment on my public posting...

Maybe on Friday they could pull a Password Plus-like stunt and let Dick Clark host while Osmond plays.

They didn't entirely do that, but they joked about it on the top of one show. Aaron told me that he proposed, for an April Fool segment, taping an intro now that would have Dick come out as the host, and then Donny saying "Hey whoa there!". They'd exchange words, April Fools to everyone, Donny would take the podium and the show would continue. I guess it went all the way up the management chain and came back down with everyone on board, including Donny, until... they realized they were in a rerun cycle on April 1. =(

BTW, one of the contestants from the middle show apparently lurks in the newsgroup, saw my post about the shows yesterday, and sent me an email wanting to know more about my thoughts of her show. Kinda cool.

...and now I have that damned Tiffany song stuck in my head! AAARGH! (See the subject if you haven't understood where this came from...)