January 3rd, 2008

Good or Evil?

I am going to make this happen

Today is the first day I keep a food diary, as recommended by many places. I've always had problems with this before because, let's face it, it's hard to figure out exactly what is in all the stuff we eat and how to look this up. But I stumbled upon thedailyplate.com, which seems to have a good method of tracking items. And I realize this doesn't have to be an exact measurement. An approximation that shows the intent is just fine. It's something my analytical mind is just going to have to deal with.

So I entered in my coffee and cinnamon chip muffin. Gugh. That was already 576 calories and 22 grams of fat. And that's using less sugar than I normally do, so this coffee is fairly bitter to me. Looks like I should be investigating a new breakfast food source. I'll either adjust my taste to bitter coffee or eliminate it. Well, maybe I can earn the right to put in the ungodly amount of sugar that I want. We'll see.

The other odd thing I'm struggling with is how many calories I should intake daily. As I said, I am intending this to be a slowish loss, and I don't get much exercise. Both Kaiser and DailyPlate says about 2,450 calories a day, and Traineo has it up at 2,743! Well, Traineo, you just got overridden. I'm targeting 2,450 a day because it's the lower number. If I come in below that, even better.

Tomorrow will be a real test for me. Jen and I are going out to dinner with a group of people from the train to celebrate one of their birthdays. Eating out is something of a crutch for me, and something I will need to address anyway. I will have to look at the menu for a healthy alternative, and may have to invoke the 90/10 rule already - if you are good 90% of the time, you can slip 10% but no more. And forget about dessert.
Speed Limit 42

Day 1 down

While I took in 2,531 calories, which is a bit more than the 2,450 I was supposed to, I did exercise again with a half hour walk. That took my effective calorie count to below where I needed it to be. Yah me!

And here's the thing - today I didn't really change my eating habits much. The first bit here is getting in and doing discovery. I'm learning the tools of this trade, as it were. That said, I did look up food before I went to Carl's Jr. for lunch. That didn't stop me from ordering a small french fries, but I did order the Charbroiled BBQ Chicken sandwich instead, and water instead of any soda.

I'm feeling good. Apart from my public posting here, I also sent a version in email to a lot of people at work, as well as people I ride the train with. There are now two other people on traineo.com with me. There are people who are asking questions. There is an outcry of support. I likee!