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Five hypothetical questions

A hypothetical five questions, because I'm bored...

1. Why do you like Sports Night and Babylon 5 so much?
Well, Sports Night just has the great mix of drama and a high level of comedy that just ... works for me. I actually didn't see the pilot episode first, but The Apology. It was a powerful, compelling half hour of programming unlike any thing else I had ever seen, so I made a point to tune in the next Tuesday at 9:30.

As for Babylon 5, I backed into the show. I had seen the 2 hour pilot movie (The Gathering)when it first aired, but was too busy to get involved regularly with the show when it first started a year later. My parents and several friends had though. I finally sat and watched War Without End, Part 1, and again, I thought it was an interesting show, since I did remember seeing Babylon Squared.

With both shows, continuity mattered. Also, neither of the shows talked down to the viewer, and actually respected the viewer. In the days where the normal shows were Ally McBeal, and Dharma & Greg, it was nice to see something that more targetted to an audience that didn't need to be told when something was funny or interesting.

2. So what's the deal with you and comic books recently?
After Babylon 5 ended, and Crusade was dead before it started, jms moved into the realm of comics with Rising Stars. I was curious enough to find a comic shop near me and buy these, once a month. When he started Midnight Nation, I was there. Because my local shop decided to focus solely on hobbies, I moved to The Comic Bookie, who is a great guy. At one point, when in to pick up my minor pull list, I saw the cover to Identity Crisis #7, with the costumes of many very popular DC characters hanging on hooks. Well, I wanted to see what that was all about, so I bought the series. This was happening just as Infinite Crisis was starting, so it was a good time to jump in ... with some research. And from there, with help, I've also gotten familiar with some of the Marvel multiverse, specifically with Spidey and Squadron(s) Supreme. Why? Because the business of comics, like the business of professional wrestling, is interesting to me. And the stories take a little bit of digging and build upon each other. Remember what I said about continuity? ...

3. I can understand that. But Billy Joel? Are you really that pathetic?
Hey now. Musically, one of my earliest memories is It's Still Rock And Roll To Me off the Glass Houses album. I had no idea what the Miracle Mile was, or why you'd cruise it, but it had something to do with white wall tires, whatever they were. I was young. Leave me alone. =) Anyway, I heard another song that I liked... and another ... and then I got the cassette of An Innocent Man and wore it out, mainly to Christie Lee. And, as one of my friends has said, when I get into something, I get obessive. (See above and other various posts.)

4. Let's shift away from popular media and go towards the Internet. How long have you been online?
I was online before online meant the Internet. Way back in 1990/1991, I bought my own computer - a clone 386SX/16! My father had a 2400 baud modem for reasons I don't know, and I was able to use it. I BOUGHT my Prodigy starter kit (yes, you had to buy them in those days) at the Target in Highland and dialed in. I was a member of the LA News group, and eventually the Borg Club where I met jelly_doughnut. At some point around 1993/4, Fraudigy increased their rates, and ye ol' Borg Club attempted to move to GEnie and failed miserably. But by then, I had discovered the Internet (CVADS021@csupomona.edu), alt.tv.game-shows and the rest, as they say, is history.

5. Serious question then -- Dick York or Dick Sargent?


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Apr. 18th, 2006 04:51 am (UTC)
My first 'online' experience was with Prodigy, back in the late 80's/early 90's I guess? My friend's dad had it and I thought it was supercool.

But...most importantly...

Whaaaaaaat? You don't like Dick?
Apr. 18th, 2006 12:31 pm (UTC)
Gotta find me a copy of "All for Leyna."
Oh. Dear. "Glass Houses"? Am I that much older than you, or did you start paying attention to music fairly late? (It came out in the spring of my freshman year of college...ah, good times.)
Apr. 18th, 2006 03:56 pm (UTC)
Re: Gotta find me a copy of "All for Leyna."
Surprisingly, I don't have a copy of Glass Houses myself on CD. I should add that to my wishlist...

As for the age ... uhm ... Do you really want me to answer that? *smile* When that album came out, I wasn't even ten yet. The spring of my freshman year of college was 1990.

See, you are young, because you're able to converse and whatnot with us young'uns...
Apr. 18th, 2006 05:04 pm (UTC)
Re: Gotta find me a copy of "All for Leyna."
Oh, okay. It could be worse. See, my first recollections of music were from when I was 5. I can handle that span...

Thanks fer keepin' me young.
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