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More TV Stuff

My goodness, this is turning into a television blog. I'll have to do something about that, but not right now...

"Benson" is going to be joining TV Land's lineup June 3 with a 48-hour marathon. "227" joins July 3, and "The Jeffersons" starts September 2.

Here's a listing of what will be used on the TiVos at the Casa de Knecht this upcoming year so far, based on the upfronts from this week. Listing is in priority order of the season pass. Cable shows will impact this (I'm lookin' at you, SciFi Friday!)

Monday -
8 pm - Prison Break (Fox), How I Met Your Mother (CBS), Deal or No Deal (NBC)
9 pm - 24 (Fox), Heroes (NBC) - maybe
10 pm - CSI: Miami (CBS) - for Jen

Tuesday -
8 pm - Set For the Rest of Your Life (ABC)
9 pm - The Unit (CBS) - depending on what I see in Season 1, still on TiVo...

Wednesday -
9 pm - Lost (ABC), 20 Good Years (NBC), 30 Rock (NBC)
10 pm - CSI: NY (CBS) - For Jen, The Nine (ABC)

Thursday -
8 pm - Survivor (CBS) - For Jen, My Name is Earl (NBC)
9 pm - no order on this list, becuase we haven't figured it out yet... CSI (CBS) - For Jen, Grey's Anatomy (ABC), and Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip (NBC)
10 pm - Shark (CBS) - only because James Woods looks good so far

Friday -
8 pm - Deal or No Deal (NBC)
10 pm - Numb3rs (CBS) - For Jen

Saturday - nothin'

Sunday -
8 pm - Amazing Race (CBS), Extreme Makeover: Home Edition (ABC) - For Jen
9 pm - Family Guy (Fox), Desparate Housewives (ABC) - might just be for Jen soon



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May. 22nd, 2006 01:07 am (UTC)
*pushes for House*
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