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Weekend recap

Jay Lewis (jaydlewis) and I had a little conversation in my journal about me and scanners. (link) I thought I'd share the whole ordeal that I had with scanning those pictures in, but will do so in a cut so those that don't care don't have to read.

I inherited a scanner from my future father-in-law a few months back. He and I have had many many conversations about computers and technology. He is a Mac person, I am not. There are many interesting conversations.... Anyway, he had to go through several scanners to get on that worked on his iMac the way we wanted, and finally ended up with a Umax Scanner. Since then, he's decided that he wants to scan in slides and whatnot, which means that he needs a new scanner. So he bought the latest Umax scanner that does what he wants, and had nothing to do with the other scanner. Well, it is a USB scanner... hmm... okay, I'll take it. That was months ago. The scanner has been sitting in my office, unplugged. If any of you saw the sorry shape of my old website (still archived here) or the even sorrier condition of the current website, courtesy of Tracy Conley, then you know I haven't been that active on updating any sort of web page.

Then Tuesday happened, and there was a need to share the pictures. The first picture was using a scanner that was at work, and was quick and dirty. I promised myself that, this weekend, I'd plug in the scanner and try this out. Well, there is no real room to hook the scanner up to the computer in there without rearranging the whole smeggin' office (which will happen by the end of the year anyway), so the scanner went out into the living room to be plugged into the laptop. Now, this is a Win2000 laptop, and the connection is USB. I figured that it'd be no big deal. WRONG! Win2K didn't recgonize the device was even plugged in. Oops.

Well, maybe the drivers need to be installed before the OS will recognize that a USB device was plugged in. So off to the Umax web site to download the drivers with W2K. Well, they had drivers.... that they'd SELL me! WTF?!?!! Who sells drivers? Aparently, they want to try and make an extra $14.50 off of all the people who lose their CDs or upgrade their systems, because they offered NO drivers for download. This is ... bullshit, it was it is! (Sorry to all those insulted by that... but it is.) Okay, now there has got to be a way to get the drivers, either from a warez site or somewhere. I hit Google and found... the Umax site. Well, not the main site, but the site in Great Britian. Gee, they have the software available to download for FREE. Hmm... Well, I suppose that would be in English... One quick 6 MB download later, and I had a working scanner, and a distaste for Umax. If I have to buy a scanner in the future, it sure won't be from them!


Knott's Scary Farm / Halloween Haunt was a blast. Jen got scared a bit, and a few times the "monsters" got me too. The event went from 7 pm to 2 am, and neither Jen or I are as young as we once were. On the ride home at 3 am (we stayed a bit late...), I caught myself drifting into the other lanes on the freeway a few times. BTW, the LA Times is delivered in our area at 3:30 am aparently, as we pretty much met the newspaper man when we pulled up. And waking up at 1:30 pm is a very rare occurance for me, but it sure felt nice today!


Still hanging around 235 weight wise. Pretty impressive considering the crud I put through my body this past week -- The previously mentioned C&O, as well as a McDonald's Quarter Pounder with fries. I haven't had McDonald's in months, and this was the first time I had the urge to eat there. The fries just... well, sucked. The burger, however, was prefectly amazing. Now how long has it been since you heard anyone say that that McDonald's hamburger actually tasted good? Of course, this just means that In-N-Out Burgers must just be truly amazing at this point, a point that I will need to verify in a few months when I hit 225. (Hey, a goal!)


Welcome Myron M. Meyer (quiz_master_man) to my friends list! And now, to grab the laundry and head to bed.


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Oct. 21st, 2002 06:14 pm (UTC)
Sounds like a case of the left hand not knowing what the right hand is doing. Foolish Umax.

I quite like my Epson scanner, FWIW. The "personal photocopier" software is particuarly neat, but the quality isn't great and it can't reproduce to 100% - it must reduce to 96% or less. Something to do with fitting into the printable area on the page, apparently.
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