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Looks like Jen and I are going to be going to Vegas with a free room at a popular strip hotel. (No, jelly_doughnut and jumbach, it's not where we met/ate. Either place.) Probably be coming back on July 4, long before any fireworks, because I hate traffic. And no, msmcfeeley, I won't lose my cell.

Speaking of which, msmcfeeley, have you ever won off this Blingo thing? I've been there for two months and have gotten nothing, and don't know if I'm wasting my time...

I know that it's some 80 some degrees outside still, but my feet are cold. Of course, I don't have any shoes or socks on, and am inside in a nicely air conditioned house.

Just bought Jen and her mother tickets to the return of The Lion King at the Pantages Theater. Second row, center. Unbelievable... It's good to be on a pre-order email list.

I have a whole shelf of books that I have yet to read, and yet feel compelled to buy more. Is that wrong?

The California primary elections are tomorrow, and I can't wait until 8 pm when I won't have to see Phil Angelides and Steve Westly for a while. Of course, the cycle then goes into a frenzy with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Tom McClintock, and others joining the frey.

I'm pondering doing some home automation and whatnot with the house. I may just go with remote controls for the lighting and shades upstairs, or I may do something more. I'm reading up on some things like X10 (the protocol, not the irritating pop-up and pop-under purveyors), and have to address a moral issue. Namely, should I get some X10 protocol equipment from X10.com (that irritating pop-up and pop-under purveyor mentioned earlier) which would further support their horrible advertising schemes? Ugh. Maybe I'll just stick with remote control switches...
Tags: books, house, politics, vegas
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