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So two weeks ago today, I sent out an email to a grouping of people, asking for feedback on a particular topic. I put in a "Please respond by COB this Friday." Fine. I get a few responses. I send out a "thanks Mr X and Ms. O for replying" to the whole list on the following Monday, which gets me a few more responses.

I gather up all the feedback, and send out to a small subset of the original group, asking for any comment whatsoever -- basically "Am I doing this right?" kind of deal. That was Tuesday, and I asked for feedback again by COB Friday. I got nothing.

Sent out an email this morning, basically a "Since no one responded, I'm going ahead using this." email. No responses.

Today, we have a staff meeting, and I mention the list to the group. Someone who was on ALL of the emails said "Wait. What is this for? Oh, I can't agree with that. You don't want that."


So I say to Mr. Idiot "Did you even read the emails and attachments?" "No, but I think you're going about this all wrong." Me: "Well, tell you what. Please go and read the email, and then do a reply to me by COB today. Because I can't have a discussion with you if you haven't even read what I sent you over the last TWO WEEKS."

Then he has the audicity to immediately send me an email saying that he can't agree with me on my item at all. Like, he literally worte that while in the meeting, less than one minute later. He never even read the document.

Needless to say, I'm ignoring him now. I'm waiting until he goes to our boss to say that I don't know what I'm doing, when she has been on all the emails and knows that I got no direct feedback from him at all.
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