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Weekend Update

So we left ot go to Vegas on July 1. Why? Because we had comp'ed rooms for three nights at one of the major Strip hotel/casinos, and we had three days. Sure, we could have gone up on June 30 and returned July 3, but going to Vegas on a Friday ngiht is normally horrible. Going to Vegas on a Friday of a holiday weekend is like getting your wisdom teeth pulled out with a spoon. I figure that we can leave early on Saturday and breeze up there.

Er... WRONG.

We got stuck in the backup of a major accident at Wild Wash Road (Exit 165). Aparently, we were there just shortly after the accident occurred, since we saw several CHP officers on southbound I-15 pulling into the turnaround point, as well as several paramedics along the side of the northbound I-15. Only the #1 lane was open, and we were able to squeak by this pretty bad accident. Afterwards, while listening to the Highway Stations, I heard they had opened the freeway up after having closed the entire freeway for emergency air transport.

Why was I listening to the Highway Stations instead of my beloved XM Rado? Because I was stuck in the middle of another backup, and they do have the best traffic for the I-15. The second accident was between two minivans at Lenwood Road (exit 178), which again only left the #1 lane open. I passed that just after it was cleaned up. So all told, it took three hours just to get to Barstow, which is normally a one hour drive. The entire trip took five LONG hours. Should be able to breeze through indeed...

Once at the hotel, check in was easy. It was hellla-hot and muggy though! You already heard the 121 degrees in Baker story, so I need not repoeat that. It was 107 in Vegas. The humidity was high. Thank goodness for air conditioning! Had a great time there. One of the things I wanted to do is play blackjack using basic strategy. Having never played a table game, and not wanting to learn blackjack at $10 a pop, I found a quarter video blackjack machine. Man did I play the heck out of that machine! And even better, I understand *why* basic strategy is what it is, and how that helps lower the house advantage.

Unfortunately, Jen started having sinus issues, and ended up with a major earache. Driving home, we lose some altitude fairly quick at one point, and she was literally to the point of crying. *sniff* She's better now that she's home, with the allergans that she is familiar with and less impacted. But we didn't go out to our normal haunts for the Fourth. And now I'm back into boring work meetings.

If you want to give me five questions, or less, or more, feel free.

Got to listen to the shuttle launch on the way home. Wasn't sure that they were going to be able to launch, after hearing the weather reports from earlier in the day. One of these days, I'd really like to see that bird launch live.

And Kenneth Lay, 64.
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