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Two times three times four

These notes occur between the hours of 9 pm and 10 pm. Comments occur in real time.

Yeah yeah yeah... we get it. Ford is sponsoring this.
Tamlyn Tomiita and Sara Gilbert?!? Cool! And Michelle Forbes! w000t!
Hey, there's Pedro Serrano Dr. Morris President?!?!
He's getting old...
There's Tamlyn, being a secondary again...
Okay, where do I know her from.... the cutie with the round face that works in CTU...
Uh... hello? What's Kim doing with a kid?!?!
I guess if you can't beat LA, you bomb LA?
I'm guessing that Kim and this dude are supposed to be attracted to each other, but it's falling really flat.
Okay, so we are ripping off the events of last year in Afganistan to create a show now? Ugh... I hope they keep this very fictional.
Jack...is scruffy, and Keifer is looking more like his father every day.
Nice that they are dealing with the outcome of season one. God bless story continuity! Let's just hope they try to have some this season. =)
Time check -- 8:17
Time check -- 8:22. That was quick.
And these soon to be newlyweds are ...?
"You brought me up better than that." And yet...
Hard time getting rid of my little sister, eh? And who would that be?
Boy, Jack's not saying much, is he?
Well, that got his attention.
One year has passed, huh?
Time check -- 8:28. Wonder how this will be screwed up on FX rerun?
Who is that chick?!?!?!
Time check -- 8:31
Mason really needs to shave.
Why does Mason have to explain what should be basics for those people?
A-HA! She was on Now and Again with Dennis Haybert!
Cool of Jack to call Kim...
Nice to see the multi-shots still in the show.
Yeah, like they would let Jack just stroll out of CTU with the information about the bomb. Riiiiiight....
Gee, you don't trust George still, huh? heh...
She's a cutie.
Time check -- 8:46
Who the smeg is this couple and why should I care?
Time check -- 8:49
Why can't Palmer get people around him that he can trust?!?!
"Today is going to be a very long day." *snicker*
Bye cutie Michelle.... hope to see you later.
That was surprising and unexpected! Shit....
*snore* I so don't care about Kim and this ... dude.
Oh goody... an abusive father/husband.
What an asshat...
What the hell is this guys problem besides a lack of decency?
He's shaved and he's baaaack.
Time check -- 9 am.
Cool -- they increment the clock on the exit promo.
Yeah... Ford.... okay, we get it already!

Hmmm... okay, so I'm up for episode #2. =) Just read my list back to Jen, and now she's upset because I keep calling one character cutie. What can I say? She reminds me a bit of Liz Vassey, who I thought was very cute from the first time I saw her. (Emily Ann Sago on All My Children) *shrug* Just found out that she is only one week older than I am. Go fig!

I'm off to (a very cold) bed...


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Oct. 29th, 2002 10:23 pm (UTC)
Ah yes, Liz Vassey
The only reason to watch last year's live action version of The Tick. Sorry, but it wasn't that great of a show.
Oct. 30th, 2002 08:54 am (UTC)
Re: Ah yes, Liz Vassey
I agree. Besides, the character was American Maid for a reason, not this frickin' Captain Liberty crud! *sigh*

Not in the face! Not in the face!
(Deleted comment)
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