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Five from renaissancegeek and creativedv8tion

First from renaissancegeek
1. You tend to weigh in most frequently on selections from the '70's/'80's in my 'Lyric of the day' offerings. Who are your favorite band/artists from that era?

I'm fairly eclectic. Obviously, I'm a big Billy Joel fan, who spans both decades. But from the 70's, I'll pick Meat Loaf, The Eagles, and AC/DC as favorites, though there are tons of others. For the 80's, I'd say Squeeze, Erasure, ABC, Level 42, and Joe Jackson. (okay, so the last one is a guilty pleasure of both decades...)

2. Tomorrow's my anniversary so I'm in the right frame of mind for nice stories. How did you and Jen meet?

First off, since that was a bit ago, happy belated anniversary! Jen and I met through her ex-husband, James. He and I used to work together at El Pollo Loco. I was roommates for a time with his brother and his best friend. He met Jen at a wedding. They talked, they dated (year and a half), they got married. By that time, I had moved out of the house, we had both stopped working at El Pollo Loco, and were still friends, though admittedly I was better friends with his friends and brother than him. About a year after the marriage, literally DAYS after their anniversary, James brought his female co-worker to our then weekly NTN gathering. She hit on me, and he fumed. That's when I realized that she was more than a friend to him. Later that night, James broke up with Jen.

I called Jen to basically say that James was an idiot, and if she needed a friend she had one in me. It was very strange how the entire grouping of friends, including James' own brother and sister, supported Jen through this time. Anyway, we talked a lot in very much a platonic friends only manner. She needed a friend, and I was there. And we started to do some things together. At one point, I heard about Carol Burnett doing a show in Cerritos where she would show clips of the show and answer audience questions. I thought it sounded fun, and asked Jen if she'd like to go. It was a rather long day, ending with our first kiss. That would be May 6, 1999. We were married May 6, 2003.

3. My home computer still runs on Windows98, and the version of NAV I run is no longer supported and my subscription has expired. Should I get the newer version, or should I just wait until I get a new computer?

Egads man! At this point, I would suggest the new computer. Windows 98 is very insecure, and while the viral threat is low with that platform, the other security risks are staggeringly bad. That being said, if a new computer isn't immediately in your future, I would probably look at one of the free or cheap anti-virus programs. NAV is good, but it's a system hog. I'd point you to something like AVG Free or Trend Micro's PC-Cillin (talk to me privately if you go this route -- I get a nice discount).

4. The table game that actually has the least house advantage is craps. Would you like me to teach it to you before your next trip to Vegas?

I always thought I heard that craps had the worse house advantage. *scratches head* *does quick net search* Well. Whaddya know? Okay, you can just do a brain dump for me about the game.

5. Which defunct game show would you most like to see revived?

Well, assuming the revival would be somewhat true to the original source (yeah, I'm looking at you, Card Sharks!), I would say Password Plus.

And from creativedv8tion
1) What's your favourite brand/variety of ice cream?

I'm not too norribly impressed with ice cream, really. I usually pick up the store brand of chocolate or chocolate chip. I have made my own banana ice cream which was very good.

2) If you were picked to write a new DCU team comic book, what five characters (at least 3 have to be established DCU characters) would you chose for the team roster, and who would be their arch-nemesis?

Superman, Green Lantern (Hal Jordan), Green Arrow (Oliver Queen), Donna Troy (ugh, but explainable) and Jason Todd. Their arch-nemesis -- the Wizard Shazam! Okay, so he wouldn't be the arch-nemesis so much as the cause of some issues with the five characters mentioned, all of whom have come back from the dead. I figure that the grand wizard might have some pull in the here after, and be able to affect these five people in slight but noticeable ways, enough for them to band together and figure out what is happening. Of course, adding Jason to the mix is just because I like to screw things up. =)

3) Best movie most people haven't ever seen is...?

You don't ask easy questions! Uhm... The best I can come up with is Regarding Henry

4) #2, but for Marvel.

I would say buy stock in DC. The only thing I read of the 616 is Amazing Spider-Man, and the only quasi-Ultimate that I read is the current Squardon Supreme. Therefore, I am woefully ignorant of the histories, traditions, legacies, and all that other stuff you need to do this. Not a cop-out, just the truth. =)

5) If you could turn any tv show/comic book/book/etc into a big screen movie, what one story would you pick, and why if it's not obvious?

I really think Image's Invincible would make a great movie. It's light with darker moments, self contained and without a big gory history to encumber itself.


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Jul. 10th, 2006 05:03 pm (UTC)
You're both right! Craps has both the best/worst odds.

Best: Odds bets behind your line bet. It's the only true even-money bet in a casino. (Blackjack can offer favorable odds if you card-count, but for the average bettor, that's not an option).

Worst: All the mid-table proposition bets (Hardways, C-E, and so on). Dealers will pimp them to get you to bet them (I won't say I wasn't immune when I did gamble) but those are low in payoff compared to the actual odds.

Stick to pas line/come line bets with odds and you'll last a bit longer.
Jul. 10th, 2006 07:21 pm (UTC)
Yep, exactly right -- stay out of the middle, especially the field -- horrible odds there.
Jul. 10th, 2006 05:31 pm (UTC)
I like the Jen story :)
and Password Plus RULEZ, man.
Jul. 10th, 2006 07:25 pm (UTC)
A new computer probably isn't in the offing any time soon -- looking into upgrading existing model, which might be too involved, but I'll try that first. I'll get back to you on security matters. Thanks for your input.

Hmmm...don't believe I've fielded a fiver from you. Fire away if you like.
Jul. 18th, 2006 05:18 am (UTC)
Sorry so late on this.

1. I assume that you dream, in which you visualize your dream somehow. How does your visualization of dreams differ from your visualization of day to day life?

2. If you had the opportunity to learn one other language, in total, what would it be and why?

3. Strawberry soda, Ginger Ale, or tap water?

4. This question is inspired by the Sports Night episode "The Quality of Mercy at 29K." (transcript here) How do you decide what to do with your disposable income in terms of charity?

5. Which defunct game show would you most like to see revived? (Am I cheating by asking this question you previously asked me? Yes. Call it a cop-out if you'd like.)
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