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Infinite Crisis of LA Tranist colors

...and if you haven't read Infinite Crisis or known what happened, well, tough. No cut tag for you!

Okay wait a second. So E2 Superman, E2 Lois, E3 Alex Luthor, and Superboy Prime were in this pocket for 20 years, or some undetermined number of years in DC time. And the whole time, they never changed clothing. I mean, we didnt see a washing machine or anything, and we have to assume there were things like refrigerators and toilets and washing machiines and all, but c'mon! E2 Supes had to have put on a few pounds in that 20 years, and Superboy Prime surely would have grown a bit having been a teen when trapped in this bubble. Ya know what I'm saying?

Now, moving on to the LA transit side of the story, I have this from Kent Shocknek's blog

Southern California is determined to end decades of being a punchline in other cities, where mass-transit is more established. Let's check the progress....

This week, the MTA has been debating what colors to call various rail lines... again. (Last time, everybody got angry.)

The Expo Line doesn't have a color: it's the Expo Line, remember? -- Some people want aqua. Not everybody. It's a real broohaha. Just one thing. There IS no Expo Line. It doesn't exist. It's L.A.'s invisible train line. Seems curious, to fight over what to call it.

The Red Line does exist. For some reason, there are two of them. They want to rename one, Purple.

Board member Bernie Parks doesn't like red, because of gang connotations... or maybe communists. Black and brown are out, to avoid race issues. Green's safe: no martians.

If all this confuses you, don't worry. Down the track: the MTA may switch from colors to numbers and letters, anyway.

So time is running out for those other cities to joke. At best, they have only 10 --or 30-- years left.


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Jul. 21st, 2006 05:08 pm (UTC)
Letters are probably better, anyway. That would be a shout-out to the old LARY scheme where letters were streetcars and numbers were busses.
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