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The Wednesday Wound-up...

Okay, back to work...


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Oct. 30th, 2002 02:35 pm (UTC)
Is Chyler Leigh turning into the next Ted McGinley?

Not with Paula Marshall still around. Hidden Hills is her sixth series (not counting short runs on The Wonder Years and Spin City), and may be the first one to last longer than a year. She seems more cursed than McGinley, who at least has two relative successes (Happy Days and Married... With Children) that he joined late in the run.

Leigh now has one two-year show (Hall Pass a cheapie syndie teen interview show) and three flops: Safe Harbor (cursed from the start when the producers unknowningly cast her real-life brother as her love interest), That '80s Show, and now Girls Club. And she can't even go to the bar to drink her sorrows away; she doesn't turn 21 until next year.

Hollywood will always cast hot babes, regardless of their track records. This is bound to happen with six networks, syndication, and cable.
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