Rialtus (rialtus) wrote,

This is a test.

Using Microsoft's new BETA software Live Writer. Why? Because it's there. No real other reason, since I do like Semagic. Well, okay, I wanted to see how the WYSIWYG interface looked like. To me, dealing with pictures is one area Semagic doesn't do a good job with. Vox handles this well, and this seems to handle it well, but Semagic -- not so much. *shrug* Now... let's see... no tags. Boo hiss. No privacy settings. Boo hiss. This basically allows the minimalist approach to publish content regardless of platform, but doesn't cater to any platform specific things like tags, privacy settings, reply settings, etc. Hm. Now let's see if I can get this published...

EDIT: Yeah, it published. BTW, default icon used, which in my case is none. But the picture was automatically uploaded to my Scrapbook, which is cool. I was wondering how that'd work, since that image was on my local computer... tags, icon, and this note added via LJ web interface for editing.

EDIT #2: No Vox suport, yet.

Tags: lj, microsoft, vox
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