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That which has no name (yet)

Yeah, I'm borrowing the title from jms. My friend Robert Torres and I have bantered around an idea more than once on a TV series that we'd like to see. We've mainly talked on the train, and never written any of what we've talked about down, which is a shame really because some of it was quite good. In any case, we worked out this whole multi-year story at a very high level -- what would be the main plot point of each thread. And it was good. Matter of fact, the more we talked, the more I ended up working in some neat stuff into it.

But that was train talk, and fan-boys talking. Nothing more, right?

Well, I've decided to make a little more of it. Since I've joined LJ, I've noticed that people I know are trying to better themselves. Greg and Mike are talking about going to school. Mike and Chris L! are talking about losing weight. Jaime is out on his own and learning those ropes. I looked at my own pathetic life ... well, okay, it's not pathetic. But there is room for self-improvement. And I want to do something with my mind. As mentioned previously, I really can't make it to school because of work and commute hours. So what about working through some of this idea that Robert and I came up with? We'd already got the high level, and I think I was able to remember most of that. I'm thinking of flushing it out a little bit more, if for no other reason than to expand my English writing skills (which dun ain't that good y'know?)

Don't know quite yet on what format any of this will take. Robert and I were originally bantering around as if we were doing a multi-year TV show. *shrug* I could learn to write scripts. I'm thinking, though, that I'll never go through the process of trying to get this on the air, so that might be a loss (especially in my attitude). I could write this out in story / book format. Perhaps start publishing this on the web? My concern there is copyrighting my material and protecting that copyright. Here again, I don't think that I'd pursue actually getting a publishing deal out of this.

Of course, I should also ask Robert if he wants in on this, or will let me run with the concept. I wouldn't want him to feel slighted, and there could be legal implications on down the line if I don't ask him.

In any case, more on this as it develops (if?)


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Jun. 25th, 2002 05:16 pm (UTC)
Good luck!
Good on you, go for it! There are many worse ways to spend your time.
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