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So WB and UPN are joining forces to become The CW. The UPN stations that Fox purchased from Chris Craft were not invited to the party, so Fox went and created a new network starting with these stations called My Network TV.

My Network TV starts Tuesday, taking those former UPN affiliates at that time, but CW doesn't start until September 20. So, big deal, right? Everything is in reruns anyway.

Nope. See, there is a little two hour media buy called WWE Smackdown! that the stations are still under an obligation to air until CW starts. So the former UPN stations are now forced to air MyNetworkTV shows on Friday, and are shifting their obligation to air WWE Smackdown! to a different timeslot. For people in Los Angeles, New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC, Houston, Hartford, and Minneapolis, the time for WWE Smackdown! is listed here.