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Dis and Dat

Yesterday, several of us from the evening Metrolink train played hooky and went to the midday mid-week Angels game in Anaheim. Though the game, well, sucked (9-0, with the Angels only getting one hit and TWO errors), it was still a heck of a lot better than being at work!

Today seems to be the "let's pile on Carl for things we already knew but wanted confirmed" day. Oy.

And I just applied for a lead position within my team. What the heck am I thinking? Basically, I've been pressured into it, and can't not apply. I hate double negatives as much as anyone, but it really is the best way to say what I'm feeling. (Yes Brian, I see you...) What I need to figure out is if I should also apply for a different job in another group. (Yes, Brian, Dave and possibly Ben, I see you... pick up your jaws!) I probably won't, but I'll have a quick discussion tomorrow with someone to see if it's even a fit or not. I would be just as happy to be in the position I'm in now than anything else. Well, I take that back -- I want the Senior in front of my title. =)

Okay, enough baiting my co-workers in this public post. Maybe I'll do a private post with the real good stuf... (Bye Brian, Dave, and possibly Ben... bwahaha)