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Wacky Wednesday Wound-up

  • It's not rocket science, but apparently fairly close to it...

  • Stamps will stay at 37 cents at least a few more years, but only because they screwed up.

  • No Senator Cooter this year...

  • Those heartless folks at Disney think they are going to win this one. When will Warner Bros. step into the fray?

  • Didn't we just get rid on one cheating President recently? Do we need another?

  • Contributions are being accepted for this item, I'm told...

  • Contributions are also being accepted for this item on eBay.

  • Two words: Christina Skankulara

  • The Bengals win, and the Bears still suck.

  • First thing I'm doing when I get home is messing up my sock drawer.

On a side note, yesterday sucked and will end up costing me $900 to fix my car. Grrr.....