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Little this, little that...

So I had to drive to San Diego for a meeting yesterday. It's about 80 miles ago, and a straight shot down the 15. On the way down there, a rock hit the windsheild and cracked it. This is the new 2001 Civic, dangit. The worst part is that this is the third incident between Jen and I in the last six months and three vehicles. This is also the second time this has happened to this car.

So I get there to our Century Park facility and back in to the parking space, per our company policy. Went inside for what could only be called a decent meeting. Came back out to my car to see that my front fender on the passenger side has this huge scrape. And when I say scrape, I mean that there is not even primer in that area. And is there a note on my car? Heavens no!

The window was repaired this morning for $50, but the paint job on the car is going to be more than that. We're talking $787.66, which includes tax. ouch! That just blew some of the money we has set aside for honeymoon. *sigh*

My Sports Night DVD shipped today. Woo-hoo! Even then, I still have no qualms with watching reruns on Comedy Central via TiVo. Just the other day, the last episode of the first season was on. You know, there at the end of that episode, I still well up. Jen watched it tonight, and she welled up.

Things have not been going well on my diet lately. I've been stuck at 235 for about two months now. There are some weeks where I do up a pound or two. I get back down to 235 and then ... no and then. I stop every time at 235. It's been very frustrating. I wish I could get past this, even once. Somehow, I got to do this...

I've been kickin' some major butt on HSX lately. Well, not really, but I've been doing relatively better lately than I had been doing. My goal is to be in the top 50 percentile by the end of the year. I'm currently at 46.72%. If James Bond 20 (AKA Die Another Day) does well, I should be in great shape with some extra money to boot.

Fall is definitely here. The tree in my front yard has just dumped about half of it's leaves this week. The same part is that I can't do anything about cleaning them up until Saturday, because it's dark when I get home from work. =( Thankfully, no one else in the neighborhood has cleaned up their leaves either.


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Nov. 7th, 2002 08:48 am (UTC)
What a donkeyhole! Did he/she think you wouldn't notice? Or too just plain irresponsible to take blame for what happened? I believe in "driving karma," which means that, according to my theory, the same thing will happen to him/her later on.

When my girlfriend bumped a car and left a note, the owner of the car called and said he didn't care because he was getting rid of the car anyway. How nice! :-)
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